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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2024030487 Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning Broadway Avenue Apartments
2023050182 City of Los Angeles Echelon Studios 5601 - 5673 West Santa Monica Boulevard, 5612 - 5672 West Virginia Avenue, and 1110 - 1118 North Wilton Place Los Angeles, California, 90038 Hol
2022020586 California Department of Transportation, District 10 (DOT) EA 10-0J720_ALP-4 PM 0.03-21.01 Pavement Anchor (Streambed Alteration Agreement EPIMS Notification No. ALP-44741-R2)
2024030470 Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Shell Chemical LP - Issuance of ATC & PTO for the Installation of Two Catalyst Impregnation Vessels (Air District App No. 31567)
2024030469 Alameda County Public Works Agency (ACPWA) On-Call Tree Management Within Unincorporated Areas of Alameda County
2024030468 Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District On-Call Tree Management Within Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
2013101036 City of San Diego Candlelight
2024030467 Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery - Issuance of Alteration of Fixed Roof Tank, Source 140 (Air District Application 32248).
2024030466 Napa County William Cole Winery Use Permit Modification No. P19-00101 and Variance P19-00441-VAR
2022050599 United States Department of the Interior Koi Nation of Northern California Shiloh Resort and Casino Project
2024030465 City of Fresno Environmental Assessment No. P19-05889/P20-01559
2024030464 California Department of Transportation, District 11 (DOT) DDO Replace Cracking Slabs SD 15/Bernardo Center Drive
2024030463 Ojai Valley Sanitary District Burnham Road Emergency CIPP Project-2024-14
2017051054 Madera Irrigation District Northside Canal Flume Repair/Replacement, Flume 6 (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMSMER-41117-R4)
2023070647 Riverside County Riverside County On-Site Digital Signs Ordinance Amendment
2024030462 California Department of Parks and Recreation Beach cleanup of spilled load of cotton bales and wine barrels
2017021015 Merced County Black Rascal Flood Control Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMS-MER-26316-R4)
2024030461 Mendocino County Mendocino County Stormwater Trash Capture Devices
2024030460 Central Union Elementary School District (CUESD ) Neutra Elementary School Improvement Project
2024030459 California Department of Conservation (DOC) UGS PG&E 112023-002
2024030458 California Department of Conservation (DOC) UGS PG&E 062023-002
2024030457 Sacramento County PLNP2023-00039 Carapanos Tentative Parcel Map
2024030456 Sacramento County PLNP2023-00103 Watt Avenue Starbucks
2024030455 City of Los Angeles 531 N. Larchmont Blvd
2023110540 City of Desert Hot Springs PS Containers Development
2024030454 Marin Municipal Water District Phoenix - Bon Tempe Connection Project
2024030453 Santa Cruz County 145 Rio Boca Road, Watsonville
2022050355 Stanislaus County Pioneer Avenue over Lone Tree Creek Bridge 38C0262 (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMS-STA-32601-R4)
2024030452 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2301-FOXTROT-1241E61stSt
2024030451 City of San Diego Ocean Beach Pier Emergency
2024030450 City of Berkeley Strawberry Creek Culvert Maintenance Project
2024030449 City of Truckee Village at Gray's Crossing Car Wash
2024030448 City of Irvine Sign Program Modification with Admin. Relief for Von Karman/Alton Industrial
2024030447 Department of Justice 2329 Gateway Oaks, Sacramento CA - Lease Renewal
2024030446 City of San Diego Ocean Beach Pier Demolition and Replacement
2024030445 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2113 SEQUOIA - 1500 LAKE ST
2024030444 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Inland Deserts Region 6 (CDFW) Cannabis remediation and site cleanup at APN 580-340-025 (Notification of Lake or Streambed Alteration, No. EPIMS-RIV-39233-R6)
2024030443 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2114-BIRCH-3009MayRd
2024030442 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Central Region 4 (CDFW) Big Creek Powerhouse No. 1 Culvert Replacement Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMS-FRE-36376-R4).
2018122049 Trinity County Milena Maskovic
2024030441 Kern County Water Agency The Kern County Water Agency exchange of up to 53,300 acre-feet in 2024 and 2025 of its State Water Project Table A water for Kern-Tulare Water District's
2024030440 California Department of Transportation, District 8 (DOT) US-95 Pavement Rehabilitation
2024030439 City of Bakersfield General Plan Amendment/Zone Change No. 22-0127 and Site Plan Review No. 22-0326
2018051053 Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District 2018051053 - Addendum No. 3 to the Regional Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade and Expansion Project - CWSRF Project No. 8462-110
2018122049 Trinity County Yee Vang
2018122049 Trinity County Shoua Her
2018122049 Trinity County Phoenix Pharms, LLC, Matthew Jenkins
2021070588 California Tahoe Conservancy Struck Trust/Los Esteros Associates LP/Shell Lane LLC - New Multi–Parcel Pier Access / 5070, 5080, and 5090 West Lake Blvd., Homewood, CA 96141
2024030438 City of El Cajon Administrative Zoning Permit No. 2023-0007
2024030437 Placer County Bradley Property Perimeter Fence Replacement
2007082014 City and County of San Francisco Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Treated Water Reservoir (Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Ozonation Facility and Other Site Improvements Proj
2014011078 Tulare Irrigation District McKay Point Reservoir Project
2024030436 City of Loma Linda Single-Family Residence No. P23-095
2024030435 City of Santa Barbara Skofield Reservoir Access Road January 2023 Repair Project
2024030434 City of Santa Barbara Gibraltar Dam Spillway Concrete Investigation Project
2024030433 Tuolumne County CSA Dissolutions- Resolution No. 304-1
2024030432 Orange County Planning Application PA23-0081 for a Coastal Development Permit and a Use Permit
2024030431 City of Tracy Seefried Industrial
2015112042 City of Vacaville Roberts' Ranch Village D House Plans
2023040525 City of San Carlos 308 and 310 Phelps Road Residential Subdivision Project
2023110358 Sacramento County PLNP2020-00313 7705 Hickory Parcel Map
2024020089 Sacramento County PLNP2021-00156 10635 Twin Cities Road Tentative Parcel Map (TPM)
2024030430 City of Carlsbad Proclamation of a Flooding Local Emergency for Repair of a Storm Drain
2024030429 Department of General Services (DGS) Canopy Solar System-CalTrans District 11 HQ
2024030428 San Diego County Tijuana River Valley Dredging Project
2024030427 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2131 ZULU B - 1104 AMAPOLA AVE
2024030426 City of Los Angeles 848-852 N. Fuller Ave
2024030425 City of Los Angeles 1115 North Heliotrope Drive (ADM-2023-8022-DB-SPP-VHCA-ED1)
2024030424 Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation Perris Valley Channel Maintenance
2024030423 California Department of Parks and Recreation Installation of Two Electric Vehicle Charging Stations