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Riverside County On-Site Digital Signs Ordinance Amendment
Change of Zone No. 2000001 is an amendment to Ordinance No. 348, Ordinance of the County of Riverside Providing for Land Use Planning and Zoning Regulations and Related Functions, Article XIX Advertising Regulations, Sections 19.2, through 19.5 regarding On-Site Advertising Structures and Signs, technical changes, and language clarifications. Change of Zone No. 2000001 will establish locations, development and operation standards, and a permitting process to allow for on-site digital signage. The intent of the digital signage is to provide information about onsite businesses only and is not for general advertising. Technical changes and language clarifications include the adjustment of formatting for defined terms, and the categorization or reorganization of text sections which do not change the intent or existing requirements within existing language. These changes apply to unincorporated areas of Riverside County. The IS/ND document was revised due to changes in the proposed ordinance.
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Riverside County Riverside County On-Site Digital Signs Ordinance Amendment
Riverside County Riverside County Digital Signs Ordinance Amendment