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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2013081079 Kern County NOD OG Chevron 2118Y
2013081079 Kern County OG Chevron 1 Well 02282019
2019038417 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region 3 (CDFW) Annual Routine Levee Maintenance Agreement (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600- 2018-0366-R3)
2019038367 City of Kerman PLN19-00551
2019038361 Kern County PLN19-00531
2019038362 Kern County PLN19-00594
2019038363 Kern County PLN 19-00553
201938365 California State University, San Diego (SDSU) WITHDRAWN - REFER to SCH# 2019038365
2019038366 California State University, San Diego (SDSU) EV go Battery Installation (SPEC and HPCP locations)
2019038365 California State University, San Diego (SDSU) Energy Storage Container Replacement and Battery Installation (ESIS location)
2019038364 California Department of Transportation, District 4 Patterson Slough Creek Bridge Deck Replacement (EA 0J530)
2019038358 California Department of Transportation, Headquarters TMDL - 18/19
2019038346 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Strategic Conservation Action Plan (SNC #RC001)
2019038347 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Eastern Sierra Office of Sustainable Recreation and Tourism (SNC #RT001)
2019038348 Sierra Nevada Conservancy TCSI Project Lead and Conservancy Engagement (SNC #P68WIP001)
2019038349 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Building Capacity for Rural Development Across Sierra Communities (SNC #TRFRF002)
2019038350 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Sierra Corps Pilot Program (SNC #TRFRF003)
2019038351 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Workforce Development Initiative Phase I -Assessment and Gap Analysis (SNC #TRFRF004)
2019038352 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Forest Restoration and Prescribed Fire Crew Development (SNC #TRFRF00S)
2019038353 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Planning and Environmental Review (SNC #R1831015)
2019038354 Sierra Nevada Conservancy French Meadows Forest Restoration (SNC #R1833016)
2019038355 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Landscape-Scale Carbon Accounting (SNC #CCI005)
2019038356 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Completion of LiDAR on Eldorado National Forest (SNC #CCI006)
2019038357 Sierra Nevada Conservancy HRV Studies in TCSI Area (SNC #CCI007)
2019038359 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 5 (Central Valley) Penryn Road at Secret Ravine Repair Project
2019038360 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 5 (Central Valley) Bowman Lake Road (FHWA Project No. CA ERFO Tahoe 18(1) Project
2019038306 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 9 Coronado Cays HOA Dock Maintenance and Replacement Project
2019038317 City of Woodside Bear Gulch Station 42 Water Tank Replacement
2019038332 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Scotts Flat Reservoir Fuels Treatment Phase 4
2019038333 Sierra Nevada Conservancy South Fork Mokelumne River Watershed Restoration Phase 4 Planning (SNC #1068)
2019038334 Sierra Nevada Conservancy · Independence Lake Forest Health & Resiliency (SNC #1069)
2019038335 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin Properties Fuel Reduction Project (SNC #1070)
2019038336 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Quincy Watershed Improvement Project (SNC #1081)
2019038337 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Lakes Basin (SNC #1088)
2019038338 Sierra Nevada Conservancy French Meadows Forest Restoration - Biomass Project (SNC #1089)
2019038339 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Tiger Creek Fuel Break and Watershed Protection (SNC #1096)
2019038340 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Blue Rush Forest Restoration Project
2019038341 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Dry Creek Ecological Site-Watershed Restoration Plan (SNC #1124)
2019038342 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Big Chico Creek Forest Management Plan (SNC #1126)
2019038343 Sierra Nevada Conservancy French Meadows Prescribed Fire Project (SNC #1130)
2019038344 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Rim Fire Invasive Plant Control and Eradication (SNC #1131)
2019038345 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Valley Creek Botanical Special Interest Area and Watershed Protection Project (SNC #1146)
2019038307 Deer Creek Irrigation District (DICD) RW-V-11256, 19805-19810, and 19834-14_L-167 (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2015-0154-R2)
2019038322 California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo PAC Gutter Repair-- JOC 18.043.5381.00
2019038323 California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo Cyber Security Lab-- JOC 18-043.3.5997.00
2019038328 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LSCMTA) Doran Street and Broadway/Brazil Grade Separation
2019038308 California Department of Parks and Recreation Park Residence Waterline Replacement (CRSP 206)
2019038318 Kern County PLN 19-00564
2019038319 Kern County PLN19-00562
2019038320 Kern County PLN19-00536
2019038324 Kern County PLN19-00584
2019038325 Kern County PLN19-00552
2019038326 Kern County PLN19-00572
2019038329 Kern County PLN19-00560
2019038330 Kern County PLN19-00573
2019038331 Kern County PLN19-00574
2019038305 Kern County PLN19-00583
2019038309 Kern County PLN19-00571
2019038310 Kern County PLN19-00519
2019038311 Kern County PLN19-00517
2019038312 Kern County PLN19-00516
2019038313 Kern County PLN19-00454
2019038314 Kern County PLN19-00569
2019038315 Kern County PLN19-00570
2019038316 Kern County PLN19-00563
2013081079 Kern County OG Sentinel Peak 2 Wells 02122019
2013081079 Kern County OG Berry 3 Wells 03052019
2017012062 Bacon Island Reclamation District 2028 Bacon Island Levee Rehabilitation Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2018- 0046-R3)
2019039078 Los Angeles County Proj. 2018-001031-(5) I CUP RPPL2018001536 / ENV RPPL2018001537 / "Antelope Expansion 3 Solar Project"
2019039076 City of Palo Alto 1700-1730 Embarcadero Road Auto Dealership Project
2015122010 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 1 (North Coast), Santa Rosa WDRs for Nonpoint Source Discharges from Timber Harvesting Conducted by Humboldt Redwood Co., Elk River
2017081030 City of Santee Sustainable Santee Plan
2018042049 Sierra Nevada Conservancy South Fork Mokelumne River Watershed Restoration - Phase 3 Treatment (SNC #1067)
2018042054 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Tobacco Gulch Ecological Restoration Project
2014112036 Resource Conservation District of Tehama County (RCD-TC) Tramway Road Fuel Break Network (SNC #1061)
2019012010 Feather River Resource Conservation District Moonlight Fire Area Restoration Project (SNC #FPNFMFSF001)
2018032001 Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District Diamond Mountain Forest and Watershed Restoration Project (SNC #1065)
2018111059 City of Port Hueneme Tradecraft Cannabis Microbusiness Project
2001092001 City of San Leandro 915 Antonio Street (also known as 899 Alvarado) and 844 Alvarado Street Project
2019029028 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Baker Fire Station Replacement Project
2019039081 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Webber Lake Little Truckee Headwaters Forest Management - Phase 2 (SNC #1074)
2019039082 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Serene Lakes Royal Gorge Headwaters Forest Health Improvements (SNC#1075)
2018061015 City of Glendale Glendale Wastewater Change Petition WW0097
2018039002 Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District Lakes Basin Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project - Phase I (SNC #1094)
2018121026 March Joint Powers Authority Heacock Street Truck Terminal Facility
2018052079 Natomas Unified School District Paso Verde School
2017062043 Nevada County Soda Springs Road Over South Yuba River Replacement Project
2019039080 Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority Black Springs Restoration Project (SNC #1091)
2018042040 City of Sunnyvale Corn Palace Residential Development Project
2010111056 Imperial County Le Conte Battery Energy Storage Project
2019039077 Department of Veterans Affairs Yountville Skilled Nursing Facility
2017072034 Reclamation District 341 Flood System Repair Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2018-0052-R3)