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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2012032060 Del Norte County RBS Washington Blvd/Summer Park - Major Subdivision and Resubdivision - MJ1202
2012031076 Alpaugh Unified School District (AUSD) Alpaugh School Reconstruction
2012021040 City of Reedley Central Valley Transportation Project
2009111096 City of Riverside Flume 7 Well and Flume Transmission Main Replacement Project
2012032027 City of Vacaville Vaca Valley Parkway / I-505 Southbound Ramp Improvements
2012032040 City of Woodside Menlo Country Club, Golf Course Renovation and Tennis Facilities
2012058129 California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Lupin Lodge Surface Water Treatment and Infrastructure Replacement Project
2012058130 Semitropic School District Semitropic School District Water Supply Project
2012018068 Sutter County Water Works District #1, Feasibility Study
2012058133 University of California San Diego Galbraith Lecture Hall and Interior Renovation
2012058132 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 6 (Lahontan) Sugar Pine Point Pier Repair Project
2012058148 California Department of Transportation, District 12 Landscape SR-91 Coal Canyon Undercrossing EA 0K3301/EFIS #12-0002-0058
2012058150 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Facility Repair and Maintenance Project
2012058131 City of El Cajon Conditional Use Permit No. 2155 - Miller's Towing
2012058134 California Energy Commission Advanced Building Systems Technology Development
2012058140 California Energy Commission Demonstration of i50 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment/Water Recycling
2012058137 California Energy Commission Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion to Chemical Products
2012058138 California Energy Commission Demonstration of Advanced Biomas Comined Heat and Power Systems in the Agricultural Processing Sector
2012058135 California Energy Commission CO2 to Oil Production Using Kiverdi's Novel Microbial System
2012058141 California Energy Commission National Lab Building Energy Efficiency Research Project
2012058149 California Energy Commission SMUD Community Renewable Energy Deployment
2012058144 California Energy Commission Underground Electric Cables Diagnostics: Miniaturize, Field Test, and Commercialize State of the Art Sensors
2012058136 California Energy Commission Pacific Gas and Electric Energy Storage Demonstration
2012058142 California Energy Commission Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis
2012058145 California Energy Commission Combined Heat and Power with Thermal Storage for Modern Greenhouses
2012058139 California Energy Commission Full-Scale Demonstration of an Innovative Electrodialysis Technology for Zero Liquid Discharge Desalination
2012058143 California Energy Commission Novel Flex Fuel Oxidation for Distributed Generation
2012051039 City of Escondido PHG 11-0033 (Monticello Assisted Living)
2012052033 San Joaquin County Sambado-Costigliolo Minor Subdivision
2012051037 Santa Barbara County State Street Hospitality, Inc. New Hotel
2012052034 City of Sausalito Housing Element Update
2012052035 City of Belmont Crystal Springs Uplands School
2012052031 City of Mountain View Classics at Old Town II - 365 Villa Street
2012051038 Ventura County LU11-0077
2003041057 City of San Diego Sycamore Landfill Master Plan Expansion
2009121020 City of Oceanside Circulation Element Update
2012052037 Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District Integrated Mosquito Management Program
2012052036 Alameda County Vector Control Services District (ACVCSD) Alameda County Vector Control Services District Integrated Mosquito and Vector Management Program PEIR
2011022005 City and County of San Francisco Beach Chalet Athletic Fields Renovation
2008072073 City and County of San Francisco Transit Center District Plan and Transit Tower