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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2022050218 California Department of Transportation, District 5 (DOT) Zaca Station to Orcutt Drainage Rehabilitation
2022120567 Siskiyou County Norgan Tentative Parcel Map (TMP-22-01)
2022120566 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2103 ASH A – 2105 MacDonald Ave (Richmond)
2022120565 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) SCL 25 Middlemile Broadband Network Project (EA 04-1Y400)
2022120564 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2103 ASH A – 1000 Chanslor Ave (Richmond)
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01057
2022120563 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2120-FIR-A-Bonifacio (Concord) 2507 Bonifacio St
2022120562 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2120-Fir-A-Solano
2022120561 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Double U Fish Ranch Dam, No. 1130
2022120560 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2111-LaurelA (San Lorenzo) 1368 Elgin St.
2022120559 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2111 – Laurel A (Hayward) 18417 Meekland Ave
2022120558 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2111 LaurelA (San Lorenzo) 208 Ano Ave
2022120557 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2016PetalumaBP Mystic Extension
2022120556 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 1814 Apollo-D 813 Lakeview Way
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00630
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00565
2022120555 Glenn County County Road R over Glenn-Colusa Canal Bridge Replacement Project
2022120554 Sonoma County UPE19-0070 MacLaren Tasting Room Use Permit
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01425
2022120553 Madera County Installation of Bus Shelter on Sidewalk by Southgate Hotel
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01426
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01424
2022100450 City of Inglewood Prairie Station
2022120552 Contra Costa County Two-lot minor subdivision of 16,690-square-foot parcel in Crockett
2022120551 City of San Diego T-Mobile Carmel Mountain Country Club
2021100410 San Luis Obispo County Final MND- New Probation Department Building (320112/ED21-133)
2022120550 Sutter County Local History Artifact Trunk & Permanent Exhibit
2020040122 Imperial County Westside Canal Battery Storage Project (IID electrical distribution upgrade)
2022120549 City of Berkeley Gilman Gateway Rezone Project
2022120548 City of San Diego 891 Turquoise St VTM
2017058527 California Energy Commission Advanced VGI Control to Maximize Battery Life and Use of Second-Life Batteries to Increase Grid Service and Renewable Power Penetration (REVISED)
2020099007 City of Beaumont Beaumont Pointe Specific Plan
2022120547 Ballico-Cressey School District (BCSD) Cressey Elementary School - Water System Project
2008012105 City and County of San Francisco Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant / Water Resource Recovery Facility
2022120546 California Department of Parks and Recreation Interpretive Stagecoach Storage Installation
2022050258 San Joaquin County Use Permit No. PA-2100164 & Development Agreement No. PA-2200028
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01056
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00633
2013081079 Kern County KRH UIC 34000169
2022120545 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Bandwidth IG Span 1C (Hayward to San Leandro)
2022120544 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Intermountain Infrastructure Group (IIG) City of Redwood City
2022120543 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 1814 Apollo-D 607 Handley Trl
2014061084 Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) Oasis Area Irrigation System Expansion Project (IID Electrical Upgrades)
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01052
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01051
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00564
2022120542 California Department of Parks and Recreation Canedo Adobe and Padres Quarters Roof Repair
2022120541 Callayomi County Water District Callayomi County Water District Water Main Project
2022120540 Mono County General Plan Amendment 22-01 and Use Permit 21-007/ D&S Waste
2022120539 Los Angeles County Willow Tree Permanent Supportive Housing Project
2022070509 City of Redlands Citrus Estates (TTM NO. 20473, CUP NO. 1163)
2022120538 City of Santa Rosa Railroad Depot Restrooms Accessibility Alterations
2022080435 Marin County West Marin Drainage Rehabilitation
2022120537 State Water Resources Control Board Pipeline Safety Enhancement Program Line 2001 West Section D Badlands-Hydrostatic Test Project
2022120536 Madera County Maintenance District 46 Water System Improvements Project
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00634
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01048
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01050
2022120535 Santa Cruz County 5300 Soquel Avenue
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00563
2022050327 City of Moorpark Moorpark General Plan Update Program EIR
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00562
2022120534 City of Santa Rosa Laguna Treatment Plant Flood Protection Project
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00410
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01342
2022120533 City and County of San Francisco 39th Ave, Skyline Blvd, Sloat Blvd New Traffic Signal Project
2022120532 Contra Costa County Cherry Lane Two-Lot Minor Subdivision
2017012008 University of California, Davis Solano Park Demolition Project
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00629
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01047
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01046
2022120531 Santa Cruz County Lakeview Estates Subdivision
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01045
2022120530 City and County of San Francisco South Van Ness Quickbuild Project
2022020712 City of Mountain View North Bayshore Master Plan Project
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01044
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01043
2001052089 City of Petaluma Water Recycling Facility & River Access Improvement EIR Floating Solar Array Addendum
2022120529 City of Newark Cedar Boulevard Residential Development
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01042
2022010064 City of Paramount North Paramount Gateway Specific Plan
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01340
2022120528 City of San Diego 4337 Home Avenue CO
2017061030 Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency (AVEK) High Desert Water Bank: Addendum #2 for the Facility's Arsenic Treatment Facility
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01339
2022090238 Lake County up 21-05 RS Greenery, LLC
2018041065 City of San Diego 3Roots Comp Sign Pck NUP
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01337
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01336
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00547
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00541
2022100439 San Mateo County Harbor District Surfers Beach Pilot Restoration Project
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00545
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00619
2021110053 City of Fowler City of Fowler 2040 General Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00616
2022120527 City of Davis 3808 Faraday Avenue Project
2022120526 Sweetwater Authority Sweetwater Authority Lead and Copper Rule Revisions Inventory and Identification Requirements
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00635
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00544
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01041
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00481
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01040
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01037
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-01335
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00637
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00636
2022120525 California Department of Parks and Recreation Camp Josepho Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project Right of Entry
2022120524 City of Sausalito *PROJECT WITHDRAWN PER LEAD* City of Sausalito 6th Cycle Housing Element Update
2022120523 Chowchilla Union High School District Chowchilla High School Sports Complex and Career Building
2013081079 Kern County PLN22-00638
2000031097 City of San Diego LJ Commons Rezone
2022120522 State Water Resources Control Board Technical Assistance to Implement Septic-to-Sewer Projects
2022120521 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) 1600-2020-0011-R1, Senapol 1600
2022100562 City of Clearlake Airport Hotel and 18th Avenue Extension Project
2002071070 City of Oxnard Sakioka Farms Business Park Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement EPIMS No. VEN-17135)
2022120520 City of Long Beach PLNE54132
2022120519 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region 5 (CDFW) TD1891865 Hermosa Deteriorated Pole Replacement Project (Notification of Lake or Streambed Alteration, No. EPIMS-VEN-33109-R5)
2022120518 Imperial Irrigation District Northview Transformer Replacement Project (30039371)
2022120517 Imperial Irrigation District CN & CL Transmission Lines Upgrade Project (Project No. 200278)
2022120516 San Lorenzo Valley Water District Consolidation of Forest Springs and Bracken Brae Mutuals
2022120515 California Department of Transportation, District 7 (DOT) Broadband Middle Mile Network (BMMN) Project