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Citrus Estates (TTM NO. 20473, CUP NO. 1163)
Pulte Group is requesting approval from the City of Redlands for a Tentative Tract Map (TTM No. 20473) and Planned Residential Development (PRD) to develop a 37.9-acre parcel, into 98 single-family residential lots and 20 lettered lots. The Proposed Project is known as Citrus Estates. The residential lots would range from 7,842 square-feet (SF) SF to 12,683 SF. Lettered Lot A in the northwest corner of the TTM is proposed to be utilized as a detention basin. Lettered Lot B in the southwest corner is proposed as a paseo providing pedestrian access from internal streets to Capri Avenue. Lot C is proposed as a 73,455-SF park at the center of the Project Site. Landscape and pedestrian/bicycle trails are proposed around the perimeters. Access to the Project Site would be provided by two proposed 44-foot-wide entry streets, “A Street” from Capri Avenue and “B Street,” from San Bernardino Avenue; each would include a raised median for ingress/egress. All proposed internal streets would include 12 foot rights of way consisting of a 7-foot landscaped area curb adjacent and a 5-foot sidewalk from the back of the 7-foot landscaped area to the right of way line on each side of the internal streets.
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City of Redlands Citrus Estates (TTM NO. 20473, CUP NO. 1163)
City of Redlands Citrus Estates (TTM NO. 20473, CUP NO. 1163)