Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2020031179 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Sierra Nevada Regional Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (SNC# 1196-RC)
2020030798 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Cohasset Watershed Forest Resilience Project (SNC 1225)
2018042051 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Little Grass Valley Watershed Protection Project (SNC 1224)
2015062073 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Biosolids Digester Facilities Project (Project)
2013081079 Kern County OG, Aera, 11 Wells, 03/10/2020
2013081079 Kern County OG, Chevron, "Kern County Land Co. Lease 39" 200R, 03/10/2020
2013081079 Kern County OG, California Resources Elk Hills, 4 Wells, 03/10/2020
2013081079 Kern County OG, Chevron, 2 Wells, 03/10/2020
2010072004 City of Santa Rosa Lower Colgan Creek Restoration Project Phase 2 [California Endangered Species Act (CESA) Incidental Take Permit No. 2081-2016-043-03 (ITP)]
2001092068 Great Basin Air Pollution Control District Smoke Management Program for the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District
2020030400 Kern County PLN20-00634
2020030399 Kern County PLN20-00633
2020030398 Kern County PLN20-00589
2020030397 Kern County PLN20-00587
2020030396 California Natural Resources Agency Sierra Buttes/ Lakes Basin Acquisition Program - Smailes Property
2020030395 California Natural Resources Agency Lynwood Urban Bicycle Trail
2020030394 California Natural Resources Agency Watts Urban Tree Canopy and Rain Garden Parkways- Watts 103rd St. Phase II
2020030393 California Natural Resources Agency Fruitridge Community Center & Park Restoration Project
2020030392 Arvin-Edison Water Storage District Arvin-Edison FFP Eastside Canal lntertie
2020030350 City of Redondo Beach Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol/County Lifeguard and Public Sewage Pump Out Floating Dock Replacement Project
2020030349 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Independence Fuels Thinning and Forest Health Restoration (SNC 1234)
2020030348 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Eastern Sierra Climate and Communities Resilience Project (SNC# 1272-RC)
2020030347 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Arnold-Avery Healthy Forest Restoration (SNC 1257)
2020030346 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Phase II Lakes Basin Forest Health (SNC 1232)
2020030345 Sierra Nevada Conservancy June Mountain Fuels Reduction and Keystone System Restoration Project, Phase II (SNC 1227)
2020030344 Sierra Nevada Conservancy 'lnimim Forest Restoration Project-Phase Two (SNC 1222)
2020030343 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Improving Landscape and Watershed Health through Restoring Fire Regimes in Lassen Volcanic National Park: Phase 2 (SNC 1210)
2020030342 Sierra Nevada Conservancy AmCo Stewardship - Mokelumne Community Forest (SNC 1251)
2020030341 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Advancing Community-Scale Wood Energy in Plumas County
2020030340 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Badger Restoration Project (SNC 1268)
2020030339 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Greene Acres Forest Health Planning Project (SNC 1263)
2020030338 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Hoyt-Purdon Fuel Reduction and Prescribed Fire Project (SNC 1254)
2020030337 Sierra Nevada Conservancy UC Forestry Camp Fuels Reduction and Forest Restoration Demonstration Project (SNC 1228)
2020030336 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Fuels Reduction in Bummerville, Calaveras County (SNC 1226)
2020030335 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Round Mountain Landscape Resilience Project (SNC 1220)
2020030334 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Little Deer Creek Landscape Resilience Project (SNC 1221)
2020030333 Sierra Nevada Conservancy lshi Fire Restoration Project (SNC 1205)
2020030332 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Lewis Ranch - Greenwood Creek Conservation Area (SNC 1189-LC)
2020030331 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Mariposa Creek Parkway Acquisition Project (SNC 1182-LC)
2020030330 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Laursen South Preserve Expansion & Trail Connection Project (SNC 1165-LC)
2020030329 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Kramer Ranch Strategic Land Conservation Easement Project (SNC 1159-LC)
2020030328 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grizzly Creek Ranch: Protecting the Heart of the Upper Middle Fork River Watershed (SNC 1154-LC)
2020030327 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Mountain Meadows Conservation Project (SNC 1153-LC)
2020030326 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Hanning Flat Acquisition Project (SNC 1152-LC)
2020030325 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Moonlight-Wheeler Restoration Project (SNC #FPNFMFSF001)
2020030324 Kern County PLN20-00649
2020030323 Kern County PLN20-00640
2020030322 Kern County PLN20-00641
2020030321 Kern County PLN20-00639
2020030320 Kern County PLN20-00656
2020030319 Kern County PLN20-00644
2020030318 Kern County PLN20-00654
2020030317 Kern County PLN20-00653
2020030316 Kern County PLN20-00651
2020030315 Kern County PLN20-00650
2020030314 Kern County PLN20-00541
2020030312 San Diego County 2021 Regional General Permit No. 53 Renewal
2020030311 Lake County Patricia Lanier Initial Study IS 18-33
2020030310 Lake County Initial Study IS 18-63
2020030309 Lake County Spencer Clark
2020030308 City of San Luis Obispo Proposition 1 Grant Application, City of San Luis Obispo PCE Plume Characterization Project (Study Phase)
2020030307 Kern County PLN20-00643
2017098073 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant Digester Gas Utilization Upgrades (Project)
2020030306 California Department of Conservation (DOC) OG Chevron 0403067602
2018098010 State Water Resources Control Board Rehabilitation of Bluff Street Treatment Plant
2020030305 Kern County PLN20-00588
2020030304 Kern County PLN20-00638
2020030303 Kern County PLN20-00637
2020030302 Kern County PLN20-00636
2020030301 Kern County PLN20-00635
2020030300 Kern County PLN20-00579
2020030299 Kern County PLN20-00578
2003012005 Reclamation District 784 Addendum to the Reclamation District 784 Master Drainage Plan and Drainage Plan for Watershed A
2019089013 City of Santa Cruz Coast Pump Station Raw Water Pipeline Replacement (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0369-R3)
2019089054 Santa Clara Valley Water District Saratoga Creek Hazard Tree Removal and Restoration Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0317-R3)
2016112028 Mendocino County Count Water Diversion, Stream Crossings, and Pond Removal Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2018- 0847-R1)
2013081079 Kern County OG, CRC, "Heisen" 1312V, 03/10/2020
2013081079 Kern County OG, Crimson, ATX-T2, 03/10/2020
2013081079 Kern County OG, Chevron, 918
2013081079 Kern County OG, Berry, 7 Wells, 03/09/2020
2020030298 Placer County WALKER/ BISBEE MBLA
2013081079 Kern County OG, Aera, 932Z2-1, 03/10/2020
2020030297 Placer County STONER - VARIANCE
2020030296 California Department of Parks and Recreation Carriage House Roof Renovation
2020030295 Placer County SHARPE - Variance
2020030294 California Natural Resources Agency Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
2020030293 Placer County Placer County Sustainability Plan
2020030292 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region 3 (CDFW) Sonoma Aqueduct Creek Crossings Vegetation Management Project (Lake or Stream bed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0348-R3)
2020030291 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region 3 (CDFW) Mansfield Reservoir and Siphon Project (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019- 0198-R3)
2020030290 Placer County Mazuryk Minor Use Permit Modification
2020030289 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region 3 (CDFW) Furlong Road Culvert Replacement and Repair (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0316-R3)
2020030288 Placer County Leshchik Residence - Variance
2020030287 Placer County LASON HAMILTON MBLA
2020030286 Placer County HOGAN - MLD
2020030285 Placer County Douglas Office Park Lot 9 Split
2020030284 Placer County CIRIC Variance
2020030283 Placer County CARROLL - MBLA
2020030282 Placer County BALJIT - MINOR LAND DIVISION
2019129017 Placer County Suman Minor Land Division
2007082013 Placer County Premier Granite Bay Townhomes
2004071001 City of Ontario Forestar Countryside Property Removal Action Workplan
2020030280 Kern County PLN20-00543
2020030279 Kern County PLN20-00575
2020030278 Kern County PLN20-00576
2020029094 Monterey County Isabella 2 LLC
2020030277 Kern County PLN20-00577
2020030276 Kern County PLN20-00528
2020030275 Kern County PLN20-00516
2020030273 Kern County PLN20-00502
2020030272 Kern County PLN20-00500
2020030271 Kern County PLN20-00499
2020039031 City of Wheatland 4-Year (2017-2021) Housing Element Update and Associated GPAs and Zoning Amendments
2020030270 Kern County PLN20-00585
2020030269 Kern County PLN20-00583
2020030268 Kern County PLN20-00550
2020030266 Kern County PLN20-00451
2020030265 Kern County PLN20-00527
2020030264 Kern County PLN20-00647
2020039030 Napa County P&M Vineyards Holdings - Mt. Veeder Vineyards, Vineyard Conversion #P19-00080-ECPA (1300 Mt. Veeder Road)
2020030263 California Department of Transportation, District 9 (DOT) SCE Power Pole on SR108
2020030262 Kern County Contract No. 19091: Guardrail Improvements at Various Locations
2020030260 California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) Seismic Monitoring Station
2020039029 Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) Operations and Engineering Building Project