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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
1999098220 Fish & Game #3 Restoration on Palomares Creek
1999092080 California Tahoe Conservancy Lower West Side Wetland Restoration Project
1994103069 City of Santa Rosa Geysers Recharge Project Construction Addendum Lano and Mark West Segments
1999098234 Department of Toxic Substances Control HHWVAR990801
1999092074 Del Norte County Richard Brown - Minor Subdivision MS0008
1999091095 Imperial Irrigation District Niland Electrical Power Generation Plant
1999098231 Department of Toxic Substances Control Edwards Air Force Base - Base Hydrolysis Unit Temporary Authorization
1999091098 Merced County ADMINISTRATIVE APPLICATION NO. 99071-V.O.J.E
1999092077 Stanislaus County Salida Storm Drain Project
1999098235 Department of Toxic Substances Control David H. Fell & Company Class 1* Standardized Permit Modification for one additional hazardous waste stream containing liquid si
1999092075 Del Norte County Bryant Byers Minor Subdivision of TPZ Land (MS0007)
1988110715 City of Stockton Christian Life Center Project EIR 3-88
1999092078 Lake County Lakeport Area Plan EIR
1999072052 Yosemite Community College District Modesto Junior College Child Care/Development Expansion
1999091093 Cambria Community Services District Cambria Cross-Town Trail
1999098226 University of California Santa Cruz Lease Renewal of Office and Classroom Space, 10420 Bubb Road
1999098232 Department of Toxic Substances Control Variance for Colusa County Agricultural Waste Oil Collection Program
1999099059 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Timber Harvest Plan 1-99-100 SON Stream Crossings
1999092072 City of Healdsburg Healdsburg Regional Skate Park, GF-49-004
1999091090 City of Los Angeles Tentative Tract #52539, 113 Single Family Lots
1999098229 Department of Toxic Substances Control Approval of a Class 3 Closure Plan Modification request made by The O'Brien Corporation
1999071054 City of Corona Citrus Village II Project
1999098250 Department of Toxic Substances Control ECKO Metals Battery Recycling Facility Class 2 Modification to the Closure Plan
1999091094 City of Encinitas Rancho Pacifica
1999098233 Department of Toxic Substances Control HHWVAR990701-Three-year variance to Kings Waste and Recycling Authority's waste oil collection centers to accept
1999092073 Marin Emergency Radio Authority Marin Public Safety & Emergency Communications Radio System
1999098230 Department of Toxic Substances Control Emergency Permit to Treat a Shock Sensitive Reactive Waste at Raychem Corporation
1999091091 Riverside County Pacific Newport Properties Inc. PP16067, PM 28204R1 and EA37739
1999098227 California Department of Transportation, District 3 Project Test Drilling at the Pulga Bridge (No.12-38)
1999072047 University of California, Davis Transfer of McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center to UC Davis
1987032415 City of Stockton EIR 3-87 A.G. Spanos Park Project
1999091088 City of Chula Vista East Lake Business Center II Annexation
1999099057 Humboldt County Minor Subdivision Case No. PMS-98-11/Assessor Parcel #216-440-03/Wilhelm, John
1999098221 Fish & Game #3 Harold Smith Restoration Project
1999098228 California Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) United States Geological Survey (USGS) - Los Angeles Regional Seismic Experiment, Phase II
1999091092 City of San Diego Regional Transportation Center for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
1998081027 City of Los Banos The Meadowlands II Development & Annexation/Pre-Zoning
1999098225 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Deer Creek Water Exchange Program-Installation of Monitoring Wells#7, 8, and 9.
1999091089 City of Solana Beach Price Self Storage
1999099058 Shasta County Streambed Alteration Agreement for Notification No. 99-0515, Middle Creek, Shasta County
1999092076 Stanislaus County TM 99-03 - Hillsborough Estates
1999082109 Stanislaus County UP 99-16-JOHN FISCALINI, CHEESE FACTORY
1987020305 City of Stockton EIR 2-86/Weston Ranch Project
1999098219 Fish & Game Eastern Sierra-Inland Deserts Region Kvalheim Driveway Bridge Replacement
1999062072 Tuolumne Regional Water District Seasonal Discharge of Treated Wastewater Effluent from Quartz Reservior to Woods Creek.
1999092079 Humboldt County Maintenance of the Redwood Creek Flood Control Project at Orick, CA
1999098222 Fish & Game #2 Streambed Alteration Agreement for Bank Stabilization on Kings Island
1999082029 Yuba County Yuba County Watershed Protection Grant Proposal (Proposition 204)
1999062009 City of Ceres City of Ceres Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Expansion Project