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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2020010529 Mono County Campbell Expanded Home Occupation- Welding fabrication and storage
2020010412 Kern County PLN20-00157
2020010411 City of Watsonville Clifford Manor Repair and Rehabilitation Project
2020010410 City of Watsonville Lot Consolidation, Lands of Joseph Trabert
2020010409 El Dorado County 2020 Various West Slope Pavement Rehabilitation Projects
2020010408 San Luis Obispo County DRC2018-00130 Wilson / AT&T Mobility, Conditional Use Permit (ED 18-144)
2020010407 Lake County Red Hills BioEnergy Project (Major Use Permit, UP 19-05 and Initial Study, IS 19-09)
2020010406 California Department of Parks and Recreation Manzano Property Gate and Fence (18/19-SD-18)
2020010405 Department of General Services (DGS) CDCR Bakersfield - Project #5990 - New Office Space
2019070315 California Energy Commission Amended Pruitt Solar Installation (Original NOE #2019070315)
2019070328 California Energy Commission Amended Osganian Solar Project (Original NOE #2019070328)
2019070332 California Energy Commission Amended Davis Vineyards 244.11 kW Solar Project
2013081079 Kern County Drill 1-20
2013081079 Kern County Drill H112-35
2013081079 Kern County Drill H111-35
2013081079 Kern County Drill H110-35
2013041063 City of Long Beach Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR 01-16) for the Belmont Pool Revitalization Project
2020010404 Kern County PLN20-00159
2020010403 Kern County PLN20-00150
2020010402 Kern County PLN20-00042
2020010401 Kern County PLN20-00026
2020010400 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) Repair Groundwater Damage- 20840/0419000058
2020010399 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Central Region 4 (CDFW) Shaver West Fuel Break Unit 2 Notice of Emergency Timber Operations No. 4-19EM-00215-FRE (Streambed Alteration Agreement No.1600-2019-0194-R4)
2020010398 California Department of Transportation, District 1 (DOT) 01-0H200 Fifth Street Safety Project
2020010397 California Department of Parks and Recreation Issuance of Right of Entry Permit to Napa Valley Transportation Authority for Vine Trail Studies
2019129011 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 5 (Central Valley), Sacramento Foster Meadows Restoration Project
2018051053 Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Regional Water Reclamation Facility Upgrade and Expansion
2017111077 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) State Route 73 Southbound Mac Arthur Boulevard Off-Ramp Widening Project
2019079059 California Department of Transportation, District 1 (DOT) Culvert Rehab and Fish Passage
2013041028 Westlands Water District Mendota Pool Group 20-Year Exchange Program
2013041028 Westlands Water District Mendota Pool Group 20-Year Exchange Program
2020010396 Kern County PLN20-00105
2020010392 California State Lands Commission Letter of Non-Objection for the Use of the Pacific Ocean Offshore of Pillar Point, Near Princeton by the Sea and Pillar Point Harbor, for the Mavericks Challeng
2020019072 Los Angeles County Descanso Gardens Master Plan
2020019071 City of Truckee Frishman Hollow Phase II Project
2020010389 California State Lands Commission Request for a Letter of Non-Objection to Enter State School Lands to Conduct Seismometer Surveys
2019090255 Stanislaus County General Plan Amendment and Rezone Application No. PLN2019-0079 - Cal Sierra Financial, Inc.
2019080096 City of San Bruno San Bruno Recreation and Aquatic Center Project
2018051029 Riverside County Revision No. 2 to Surface Mining Permit No. 159R2 (SMP 159R2)
2020010388 Placer County Yankee Jims Bridge Replacement
2020010387 City of Long Beach Century Villages at Cabrillo Specific Plan
2020010386 Santa Cruz County Pajaro River Flood Risk Management Project