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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2019038665 Placer County FLOOD RD AND S. FLOOD RD.
2019038665 Placer County FLOOD RD AND S. FLOOD RD.
2019038663 Placer County DENZLER- VARIANCE TO FRONT
2019038656 Southern California Association of Governments Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Walk, Ride, Learn Safety and Encouragement
2019038654 California State Lands Commission Letter of Non-Objection to Repair Pacific Coast Highway between Sycamore Canyon and Point Sand Dune
2019038655 California State Lands Commission Request for a Letter of Non-Objection to Enter State School Lands to Perform Trash Remova and Recycling Activities
2019038646 Kern County PLN19-00618
2019038647 Kern County PLN19-00619
2019038648 Kern County PLN19-00620
2019038649 Kern County PLN19-00624
2019038650 Kern County PLN19-00627
2019038651 Kern County PLN19-00672
2019038652 Kern County PLN19-00680
2019038653 Kern County PLN19-00681
2019038686 Placer County Priddle - Variance
2019038684 Placer County Spephenson Front Setback
2019038685 Placer County Myers - Variance
2019038689 California State University, Chico Kendall Hall Re-roof
2019038660 California Department of Transportation, District 3 Fresh Pond Slipout
2019038716 Department of Water Resources Patterson Reservoir Dewatering & Sediment Removal
2019038658 California Department of Fish & Wildlife, Office of Spill Prevention & Response (CDFW) Tiburon Paintbrush (Castilleja affinis ssp. neglecta) Seeding at Paintbrush Canyon Project (Project)
2019038659 California Department of Fish & Wildlife, Office of Spill Prevention & Response (CDFW) San Fernando Valley Spineflower Seed Bulking Project (Project)
2019038687 Kern County PLN19-00679
2019038688 Kern County PLN19-00612
2019038657 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) California Aqueduct Milepost 147.00L Westlands Water District Water Valve Repair
2019038662 Placer County MAYO CANAL SETBACK REDUCTION - AA
2019386663 Placer County DENZLER- VARIANCE TO FRONT
2019038666 Placer County GLEASON RANCH MBLA
2019038667 Placer County Cunningham-Carter MBLA
2019038668 Placer County Gallagher - Setback Variance
2019038669 Placer County Smith Parcel Map
2019038670 Placer County Perell -Variance
2019038671 Placer County Global Signal Acquisition - Cell Tower Modification
2019038672 Placer County Musleh Detached Garage - Variance
2019038673 Placer County Schmidt Variance - EOT and Modification
2019038674 Placer County Schlegel - Variance
2019038675 Placer County Kniesel Pool - Variance
2019038676 Placer County Madsen - Add Building Site
2019038677 Placer County Sledge Morton - MBLA
2019038678 Placer County Moise/Michelson - Minor Boundary Line Adjustment
2019038679 Placer County Curtis - Minor Boundary Line Adjustment
2019038680 Placer County Forsber/Arrington/Skaife - MBLA
2019038681 Placer County Kiss - MLD/VAR
2019038682 Placer County McLaughlin - Fence in Front Setback
2019038683 Placer County Griffin - Variance
2013081079 Kern County 4 New Well Applications South Belridge Field
2013081079 Kern County 3 New Well Applications in the Lost Hills Oil Field
2009091126 California High Speed Rail Authority California High-Speed Train Project: Fresno to Bakersfield Major Amendment No. 1 0 (California Endangered Species Act Incidental Take Permit No. 2081-2015-024-
2018121026 March Joint Powers Authority Heacock Street Truck Terminal Facility
2013081079 Kern County SC Naftex 5 Wells 03192019
2013081079 Kern County Drill Pleito Ranch 316-35
2013081079 Kern County WST CRC 03065194
2013081079 Kern County WST CRC 03065193
2013081079 Kern County WST Berry 052-0005
2019029007 City of Oakley The Villages at Main Street Project
2019039156 Tuolumne Utilities District Tuolumne Utilities District/Curtis Creek Elementary School District Water System Consolidation
2019039155 City of Irvine Jeffrey Road/Irvine Center Drive Intersection Improvements Project
2019039153 Los Angeles Unified School District Ascot Avenue Elementary School Comprehensive Modernization Project
2018061048 City of Los Angeles Rancho Cienega Celes King Ill Pool Demolition Project
2017061083 City of Los Angeles Times Mirror Square
2019039154 City of Los Angeles Southwest Valley Community Plans Update
2019011068 March Joint Powers Authority The Meridian Trunk Sewer Improvement Project
2011021051 Kern County BAR 13 Solar Element of the Catalina Renewable Energy Project; Amendment 4 of Streambed Alteration Agreement No.1600-2014-0130-R4
2019029055 Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Napa County Stream Maintenance Program
2018092053 Placer County Chabad of Roseville
2019039158 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0009-R1 for NTMP 1-18NTMP-008 MEN "Cat's Ear NTMP."
2018112022 California Department of Transportation, District 10 10-1 G651 Tuttletown Pavement Widening
2011051058 Ventura County Coastal Planned Development Permit (PD) Case No. PL 18-0074 (Tentative Parcel Map No. 5845 (Case No. SD10-0020), Site Plan Adjustment Case No. PL 12-0080
2007092024 State Water Resources Control Board Cooley Ranch - Continuing Water Diversion (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No.1600-2014-0175-R3)
2019039157 City of Woodlake Green Smart Farmer Expansion Project
2008102035 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 6 (Lahontan) Lower Perazzo Meadow Restoration Project
2018102051 City of Santa Clarita Bean Creek Streambank Stabilization Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No.1600-2017-0273-R3)
2018112030 City of Scotts Valley 22 Blake Lane - Lantana Homes