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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2017021040 City of Huron Recycled WAter Improvements at WWTF (Project); Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) No. C-06-8093-210
2010032067 City of Sacramento Powerhouse Science Center Project
2016082013 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Decker Island Restoration Project
2016112065 Town of Windsor Town of Windsor General Plan Update
2017071001 City of Yorba Linda Response Plan for Former Muranaka Mums Inc. Nursery
2016122042 Yuba County Yuba Rover Canyon Salmon Habitat Restoration Project
2018048142 Napa County Resource Conservation District Bale Slough/Bear Creek Sediment Reduction and Habitat Enhancement Plan
2018048125 California Department of Tax and Fee Administation Norwalk ID Lease Extension
2018048145 Department of Toxic Substances Control Time Critical Removal Action at Property Number E0400
2018048146 Department of Toxic Substances Control Time Critical Removal Action at Property Number B0107
2018048127 Natural Resources Agency Center Street Urban Greening Project
2018048124 City of Newport Beach Coastal Development Permit (CD2018-018), Bay House Demolition
2018048148 Orange County Water District Destruction of Well Number IDP-1
2018048147 Orange County Water District Construction of Monitoring Well OCWD-HG2
2018048144 California Department of Parks and Recreation HumbugTrail Bridge Replacement
2018048132 California Department of Parks and Recreation Slaughterhouse Site Vegetation Removal
2018048123 California Department of Parks and Recreation Lake Tahoe Water Trail (LTWT) Recreation Signage
2018048140 California Department of Parks and Recreation Columbia State Historic Park Accessibility Improvements
2018048136 Kern County PLN18-00361
2018048138 Kern County PLN18-00417
2018048149 Kern County PLN18-00359
2018048135 Kern County PLN18-00360
2018048133 Kern County PLN18-00357
2018048137 Kern County PLN18-00416
2018048143 Kern County PLN18-00386
2018048134 Kern County PLN18-00358
2018048126 Los Angeles County Law Library Roofing Project - North/East Roof
2018048139 California Department of Transportation, District 1 01-0E650 Geotechnical Exploration for 101/299 Ramp Replacement Project
2018048129 Central Valley Flood Protection Board Wave Broadband Conduit Project
2018048128 Central Valley Flood Protection Board Pacific Gas and Electric Company Power Line Project
2018048141 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 2 (CDFW) 6500 River Road Wild Trout Project (Request No. 1652-2018-020-001-R2)
2018041018 Chaffey Joint Union High School District (CJUHSD) Chaffey Health Sciences Academy
2018041019 City of Clovis North Willow Avenue Street Widening Project (CIP No. 15-16)
2018041017 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Fairmont Sedimentation Plant Project
2018042017 City of Petaluma Safeway Fuel Center
2018042013 Placer County Knotts Minor Land Division (PLN17-00384)
2018042019 City of Napa Milliken Estates Parcel Map
2018042016 San Mateo County Minor subdivision for 4 lots & a remainder lot with a conservation easement & 11,200 cy of grading for a landslide
2018042018 Sonoma County Aperture Winery
2016052051 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 3 (CDFW) South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, Phase 2, Eden Landing Ecological Reserve
2017041008 Fresno County Council of Governments Draft Program EIR - Draft 2018 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS)
2016061056 City of Colton Roquet Ranch Specific Plan
2018041016 City of Los Angeles 3003 Runyon Canyon Project
2018041020 City of San Diego La Jolla View Reservoir CDP/SDP/EIR (PTS No. 331101)
2018042015 University of California Santa Cruz Kresge College Project
2018042014 City of Santa Clara 3625 Peterson Office Project
2013052019 City of Hughson Well No. 7 Replacement Project