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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2010061084 City of Apple Valley Victor Valley Enterprise Zone
2010092054 City of Belvedere Phillips New Fixed Pier, Gangway, and Two Boat Lifts at 21 West Shore Road
2010098207 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Myers Wall Storm Damage Repair
2010092057 California Department of Transportation, District 2 Northgate Maintenance Station
2009112045 California Department of Transportation, District 6 State Route 99 Manteca Widening Project
2000061039 California Department of Transportation, District 7 Interstate 405 at Arbor Vitae Street New South Half Interchange Project
2010022005 City of Dublin Downtown Dublin Specific Plan
2010098206 Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) CDFA Consolidation Move
2010098210 Inyo County Photovoltaic Electric Systems at County-owned Facilities in INdependence
2010072075 Irish Beach Water District Irish Beach Water District Operation of T5 Well Facilities and Use of Groundwater
2010081006 Kings County Avenal Park Photovoltaic Solar Farm
2009102035 Lake County Bottle Rock Power Steam Project
2010091044 City of Los Angeles Sylmar Ground Return System Replacement Project
2010091041 Port of Los Angeles Al Larson Boat Shop Improvement Project
2010098208 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Magazine Canyon Security Fencing
2010092055 Napa County Small Wind Energy Zoning Ordinance, County-Initiated Zoning Code Text Amendment No. P10-00243-ORD
2007052073 City of Oakley Emerson Property Project (Subdivision 9032)
2005071102 Orange County RELOOC Strategic Plan - Frank R. Bowerman Landfill
2010092023 California Department of Parks and Recreation Road and Trail Change-in-Use Program
2010098198 California Department of Parks and Recreation ADA MOdifications (ER #9227)
2005081098 City of Rolling Hills Estates Butcher Ranch Subdivision
2010091043 San Bernardino County Maple Lane Drainage and Sidewalk Improvements
1999121073 San Bernardino County Molycorp Mountain Pass LLC Project
2010091042 San Diego County Kenyon 4 Lot Subdivision, 3200 20857 (TPM) & 3500 10-014 (STP), ER 04-15-002
2010062013 City and County of San Francisco 350 Mission Street
2010072049 Santa Clara County Hacienda and Deep Gulch Remedian Project, Almaden Quicksilver County Park
2010092056 South Feather Water and Power Agency Lost Creek Dam Improvements Project
2010098209 California Tahoe Conservancy Transfer of a Residential Development Right to Placer County APN 84-154-01 (Giovara)
2010088191 Tejon Castac Water District Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and Tank Inlet Modifications within same footprint of existing water treatment plant
2010091040 Tulare County Reza Monajjemi (PSP 08-103)
2010094008 United States Army, Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) Assessment District (AD) 12 Sewer Improvement Project, City of Desert Hot Springs
2010042074 City of West Sacramento West Sacramento Bridge District Levee Access Road and River Walk Trail
2008071108 West Valley Water District New Steel Water Tank (Tank 3)
1996012034 Yolo County CEMEX Madison Plant Cache Creek Maintenance Project SAA 1600-2009-0177-R2
2010098202 Fish & Game #2 Feather Water District Inlet Channel Dredging
2010098205 Fish & Game #2 Montana Ditch Dredging Project
2010098204 Fish & Game #2 Arcade Creek Watershed Management Project - Maintenance/Removal of Invasive Plant Species SAA #1600-2008-0328-R3
2010098203 Fish & Game #2 Routine Maintenance Agreement (RMA) between the City of Citrus Heights and the Department of Fish and GAme SAA #1600-2010-0103-R2
2010098200 Fish & Game #3 Routine Maintenance, Zone 7
2010098201 Fish & Game #3 Santa Venetia Interior Drainage Improvement Project
2010098199 Fish & Game #3 5th Avenue Sewer Improvement Project