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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2005089001 City of Berkeley Huggins Residence 59 Vicente
2005051064 City of Big Bear Lake City of Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power Cherokee Production Well Development Program
2005032071 City of Brisbane Zoning Text Amendment RZ-3-04
2005021008 City of Buena Park Amendment 2005 to the Redevelopment Plan for the Buena Park Consolidated Redevelopment Project
1982070607 Alameda County C-4158; Vasco Road Landfill
2005062047 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Fire Suppression Water Supply Line for Caltrans Bracut Maintenance Station
2005061011 Golden Hills Community Services District New Office and Shop Buildings, Golden Hills Community Services District
2005022047 Humboldt County Lot Line Adjustment and Parcel Map Residential Subdivision Resulting in 3 Parcels
2005052076 Humboldt County Jeanine Martin Parcel Map Subdivision
2005062039 Humboldt County Retail and Commercial Business Building with a Notice of Merger and Inland Design Review
2000012117 Humboldt County Davenport, Don
2005089003 Colusa County ED #05-32 Leo LaGrande / TPM #05-3-2
2005089006 Colusa County ED #04-37 Dos Rios, Inc. / Phillips Farms (Russ Phillips)
2005089004 Colusa County ED #05-23 William E. Charter Jr. / TPM #05-3-1
2005089005 Colusa County ED #04-87 William and Merri Donnelly / TPM #04-11-1
2005089002 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Siller Brothers, Bean Ranch II Timber Harvest Plan
2004052008 Marin Resource Conservation District Marin Coastal Watersheds Permit Coordination Program
2004052008 Marin Resource Conservation District Marin Coastal Watersheds Permit Coordination Program
2002041129 City of San Diego Canyon Sewer Cleaning Program and Long-Term Sewer Maintenance Program
2005022005 California Department of Parks and Recreation South Yuba River Comprehensive Management Plan
2001102139 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Pacific Gas and Electric Company Divestiture of Richmond-to-Pittsburg Fuel Oil Pipeline and Hercules Pump Station/San Pablo Bay Pipeline Company
2003042133 University of California Santa Cruz Ranch View Terrace Faculty and Staff Housing Project
2005052120 City of Willits Railroad Avenue Bridge Replacement Project
2005088008 Fish & Game #2 Caltrans District 03 - Routine Maintenance Activities
2005088010 Fish & Game #2 Thurtle Roadway and Span Bridge
2005088009 Fish & Game #2 Sacramento River at 10437 Garden Highway; River Mile 77
2005088003 Fish & Game #3 Creek Invasive Species Removal and Re-vegetation Project
2005088001 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Castaic Dam, No. 1-58
2005088036 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Weed Abatement at Sunrise and Esperanza Avenues and Repair of Exposed Colorado River Aqueduct Siphon Near the Whitewater River
2005088004 San Bernardino County June Street and Vermont Street - Muscoy Cross Gutters
2005088007 San Bernardino County Emergency Permanent Road Restoration of Indian Trail at the Mojave River
2005088005 San Bernardino County San Martin Road Paving, Victorville Area
2005088006 San Bernardino County Emergency Permanent Road Restoration of Etiwanda and San Bernardino Avenues
2005088002 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Steiner Vineyard
2005088015 Sacramento County Griesbach Variance and Lot Size and Lot Width Exception
2005088035 Sacramento County Sunset Skyranch Airport Use Permit Renewal
2005088012 Sacramento County 831, 841, 845 and 901 "O" Street Boundary Line Adjustment
2005088032 Sacramento County Outfall Systems Upgrade Project
2005088021 Sacramento County Joseph Mohamed, Sr. Boundary Line Adjustment
2005088020 Sacramento County Verizon Wireless (3449 Longview Drive) Use Permit
2005088018 Sacramento County Tripp Residential Accessory Dwelling Use Permit
2005088014 Sacramento County La Mancha Way Tentative Parcel Map
2005088017 Sacramento County Cingular Wireless Collocation Use Permit
2005088029 Sacramento County 4949 Date Avenue Apartments Development Plan Review and Exception
2005088023 Sacramento County Winco et. al. Fence Use Permit
2005088026 Sacramento County Demello Tentative Parcel Map
2005088033 Sacramento County Susmilch Residential Accessory Dwelling Use Permit
2005088013 Sacramento County Robert Frost Park Playground Rehab
2005088030 Sacramento County Lincoln Center East Tentative Subdivision Map, Variance and Special Review of Parking
2005088027 Sacramento County ST-550 Don Julio and Antelope Use Permit
2005088016 Sacramento County Bullard Residential Accessory Dwelling Use Permit
2005088022 Sacramento County Bunn Accessory Dwelling Use Permit
2005088025 Sacramento County Protsyuk Tentative Parcel Map
2005088019 Sacramento County Buchner Use Permit
2005088031 Sacramento County Abandonment of a Portion of Watt Avenue
2005088034 Sacramento County Wildlands, Inc. Boundary Line Adjustment
2005088011 Sacramento County Franklin Boulevard Bridge Repair at Lost Slough
2005088028 Sacramento County 44th Avenue Tentative Parcel Map
2005081006 Kern County EA CK 2-05; GPA 58 and ZCC 6, Map 101 (PPO 5272)
2005081004 Kern County EA KM 12-04; CUP No. 1, Map No. 143-31, Leonardo Lopez by Eddie Milligan (PPO 5240) - Equestrian Facility
2005081003 California Department of Transportation, District 11 Tecate Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility and SR-188 / Thing Road Operational Improvements
2005082002 Antioch Unified School District (AUSD) Proposed Elementary School Oakley, CA
2005081009 Los Angeles County Proj. No. R2005-00055 and CUP No. 200500005
2005081005 City of San Diego Children's Hospital Parking Structure
2005082003 Tuolumne County Phoenix Lake Road Bridge Replacement Project - Bridge No. 32C-030 / Caltrans Project No. BRLO-5932(007)
2005081002 University of California, Riverside Arroyo Flood Control & Enhancement, UCR Project # 950410
2005082007 Estero Municipal Improvement District CIP 761 Water Main Extension (EA-05-001)
2005082006 Sutter County Community Services District EA 05-07 - Pleasant Grove Bridge 18C-65
2005082004 Santa Cruz County Ordinance Regarding Affordable Housing
2005082001 San Joaquin County PA-0500403 - Munn & Perkins Quarry Excavation Application
2005082008 San Joaquin County San Joaquin County Special Purpose Plan, General Plan Map Amendment & Text Amendment
2004081159 Santa Barbara County Santa Barbara County Agricultural Preserve Uniform Rule Update
2003111131 Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation Homeland and Romoland Area Master Drainage Plans and Homeland/Romoland Area Drainage Plan
2004012004 Stanislaus County Moonshine Dairy
2004081039 City of Los Angeles South Airfield Improvement Project
2005031043 City of Glendale Seismic Retrofit of MSB Building
2005061069 City of Seal Beach Groin Rehabilitation Project at Seal Beach Pier
2005081001 City of El Centro Change of Zone 05-03 and Tentative Subdivision Map (Lotus Ranch), El Centro
2005082005 City of Oakland Kenilworth Residential Planned Unit Development, PUD 04-195, TPM 8228, CP 04068, ER04-006
2002061047 City of Ontario Esperanza Specific Plan Draft EIR
2005081007 City of La Mirada Alondra Center North Redevelopment Project
2005081011 Salinas Union High School District Rogge Road High School
2003032060 City of Woodland Woodland Gateway Retail Center
2005081008 City of Tehachapi AD & SPR No. 2005-5
200423 United States Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs Chicken Ranch Rancheria APN 058-300-27
2005081010 Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Sycuan Parking Structure