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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2022090389 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, North Central Region 2 (CDFW) Sutter Creek Bank Stabilization (Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement EPIMS Notification No. AMA-26171-R2)
2022090388 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) SJFD California Aqueduct Canal Liner Repairs and Rehabilitation (OM-SJFD-2022)
2022090387 State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights El Dorado Irrigation District Water Transfer to Westlands Water District
2022090386 Contra Costa County Land Use Permit to Continue Operation of Existing Verizon Wireless Telecommunications Facility
2022090385 California Department of Transportation, District 3 SAC-99 Box Culvert
2022080461 City of Highland Grape Warehouse Project
2022090384 City of Paso Robles Peterbilt Sales and Service Center
2022090383 City of Laguna Beach 31796 Coast Highway-- Fire Station No. 4 Relocation Project
2022020416 City of Long Beach Fire Station No. 9 at 4101 Long Beach Boulevard
2020110295 City of Los Angeles Artisan Hollywood Project
2022090382 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Santa Clara Unit Fire Station Lease
2022090381 City of Hesperia Mesa Linda Street Development
2022090380 City of Sacramento Arena Brownstone Living
2022090379 California Department of Transportation, District 10 (DOT) State Route 4 River Bridge Maintenance Project (10-1H360)
2022090378 Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation Perris Valley Channel Lateral B, Stage 4 Project
2022090377 California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) DOR - Orange/San Gabriel District Office (Anaheim)
2022090376 California Department of Transportation, District 8 (DOT) Interstate 215 / Keller Road New Interchange Project
2022080189 Napa County Silver Oak Cellars: Carmelite Vineyard Agricultural Erosion Control Plan #P21-00064-ECPA
2022090375 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, North Central Region 2 (CDFW) Stream Crossing at Unnamed Tributary/Seasonal Creek to Bear River (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2020-0237-R2)
2022090374 Napa County Duhig Family Vineyard #P19-00173-ECPA
2022090373 El Dorado Irrigation District Modification of Water Right Permit 21112
2022090372 City of Lompoc Trichome Factory, LLC Industrial Cannabis Cultivation Project
2022090371 California Department of Transportation, District 3 (DOT) Mack/Florin Meter High Occupancy Vehicle Preferentisl Lanes 03-3J220
2022090370 Del Rey Community Services District Del Rey Pipeline Replacement Project
2022090369 California Department of Transportation, District 3 (DOT) BUTTE 99 Biggs Culverts 03-2G650
2022090368 California Department of Transportation, District 3 (DOT) SAC/PLA-50/65/80 Brudge Preservation 03-2G530
2022090367 Madera Water District (MWD) Madera Lake Pump and Pipeline Project
2021050036 Imperial County Vikings Solar Energy Generation & Storage Project/IID Electrical Upgrades
2021080447 City of Redwood City 505 E. Bayshore Road Project
2022090366 City of Lompoc DR 22-01 - Pettit Multi- Family
2013081079 Kern County OG Sentinel 092022-201
2013081079 Kern County OG Sentinel 092022-201
2009091126 California High Speed Rail Authority California High-Speed Train Project: Fresno to Bakersfield re-issued Major Amendment No. 24 (California Endangered Species Act Incidental Take Permit No. 2081-2
2002011094 Ventura County Watershed Protection District Ventura River Invasive Plant Removal and Ecosystem Restoration Project (Amendment to Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement (LSA) No. 1600-2015-0112-R5)
2022090365 Imperial Irrigation District Salt Creek Slough Poles Replacement/Relocation Phase II (R-Line); No. 200253