Thursday, March 12, 2020

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2020030525 Kern County PLN20-00692
2020030524 Kern County PLN20-00685
2020030523 Kern County PLN20-00621
2020030522 Kern County PLN20-00620
2020030521 Kern County PLN20-00595
2020030520 Kern County PLN20-00469
2020030514 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Common Landowner Transfer of up to 10,000 acre-feet of Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District's Approved 2019 State Water Project Table A Water to Kern County
2020030511 State Water Resources Control Board Line 8109 Mile Post 49.39 and 49.48 Pipeline Replacement Project
2020030507 City of Shafter City of Shafter Rodriguez Park Enhancement Project.
2020030504 City of Shafter City of Shafter Mannel Park Enhancement Project.
2020030498 California Energy Commission California ZEV Fast-Charging Infrastructure Manufacturing Expansion Project (REVISED)
2020030497 City of Dunsmuir Back Country Organics Cannabis Cultivation
2020030495 Fair Oaks Water District Fair Oaks Water District New York Avenue Well Replacement Project
2016062059 Humboldt County R. Brown and Sons Quarry 39-acre expansion area APN 316-061-011
2010121069 Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority MetroGold Line Foothill Ext.Const. of tracks-Bonita Ave/Cataract Ave & Monte Vista
2019029127 City of Davis Theta Xi Fraternity Redevelopment
2020029022 Fair Oaks Water District Skyway Drive Well Project
2017031009 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Concurrence in the Issuance of a Revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit for Recology Blossom Valley Organics - South, in Kern County, SWIS No. 15-AA-0307
2010031106 City of Reedley Environmental Assessment No. 2019-9 Site Plan Review Application No. 2019-3 (Master Storage 365 Self-Storage Facility)
1997121030 City of Temecula Nicolas-Calle Girasol Road and Channel Improvements Proje
2020030428 City of Dana Point Doheny Village Zoning District Update Project
2020030427 City of Carson CT Warehouse Project
2020030426 Sutter County U-19-031 (Helm)
2020030419 Kern County PLN20-00559
2020030418 Kern County PLN20-00594
2020030417 Kern County PLN20-00723
2020030416 Kern County PLN20-00617
2020030415 Kern County PLN20-00619
2020030414 Kern County PLN20-00610
2020030413 Kern County PLN20-00721
2020030412 Kern County PLN20-00474
2020030411 Kern County PLN20-00724
2020030410 California Department of Conservation (DOC) OG Berry 4 Wells 03122020
2020030409 Kern County PLN20-00460
2020030408 Kern County PLN20-00614
2020030407 Kern County PLN20-00616
2020030406 Kern County PLN20-00615
2020030405 Kern County PLN20-00718
2020030404 Kern County PLN20-00722
2020030403 San Diego Unified Port District Agreement with Downstream Services, Inc. for As-Needed Storm Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services
2020030402 University of California Hopland REC Biogass Gasification Project
2020030401 University of California, Davis UC Davis Office of the Future
2020030391 California Department of Conservation (DOC) OG Chevron 9 Wells 03122020
2020030390 California Department of Conservation (DOC) OG Chevron 5 Wells 03112020
2020030389 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Eureka Region 1 (CDFW) Mill Creek Tree Removal (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0923-R1)
2020030388 City of Bell Gardens Renovation of the John Anson Ford Park Aquatics Center
2020030387 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Eureka Region 1 (CDFW) Fern Canyon Trail Improvements (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0921- R1)
2020030386 Inyo County Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (EST A) Operations Facility
2020030385 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) Install alternate power source, traffic control, and detour. 0AC80/0420000097
2020030384 Kern County PLN20-00609
2020030383 Kern County PLN20-00657
2020030382 Kern County PLN20-00593
2020030381 Kern County PLN20-00719
2020030380 Kern County PLN20-00658
2020030379 Kern County PLN20-00612
2020030378 Kern County PLN20-00720
2020030377 Kern County PLN20-00613
2020030376 Kern County PLN20-00570
2020030375 Kern County PLN20-00592
2020030374 Kern County PLN20-00607
2020030373 Kern County PLN20-00566
2020030372 Kern County PLN20-00567
2020030371 Kern County PLN20-00568
2020030370 Kern County PLN20-00695
2020030369 Kern County PLN20-00694
2020030368 Kern County PLN20-00569
2020030367 Kern County PLN20-00605
2020030366 Kern County PLN20-00646
2020030365 Kern County PLN20-00611
2020030364 Kern County PLN20-00689
2020030363 Kern County PLN20-00327
2020030362 Kern County PLN20-00558
2020030361 Kern County PLN20-00687
2020039040 City of San Jose City of San Jose Sign Ordinance Update, Phase II
2020030355 California Department of Conservation (DOC) OG Chevron 10 Wells 03122020
2020039039 Valley County Water District Valley County Water District New Headquarters Project
2020039038 City of Moreno Valley Moreno Valley Trade Center
2020039037 El Dorado County San Bernardino Class 1 Bike Trail Project
2019100093 City and County of San Francisco 469 Stevenson Street Project
2016071031 City of San Diego Costa Verde Revitalization Project
2009091125 California High Speed Rail Authority California High-Speed Rail Merced to Fresno Section: Central Valley Wye