Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2004091160 Big Bear Municipal Water District Bear Valley Winter Precipitation Enhancement Program
2004098447 City of Calistoga VR 2004-3 Variance, Highlands Christian Fellowship
2004041069 City of Carlsbad Residential General Plan & Zoning Consistency Amendments
2004099081 City of Carlsbad Lohf Subdivision
1999011023 City of Carlsbad VLC Greens Neighborhood 1.10
2004099082 City of Clovis Clovis Skate Park at Letterman Park
1991063072 Contra Costa Water District Los Vaqueros Reservoir Project
2003071120 City of Grand Terrace Outdoor Adventures Center
1996052011 Humboldt County Revisions to the 2003 Housing Element
2004091161 Inyo County Tentative Parcel Map #365 / Daugherty
2004082053 Modesto Irrigation District Kiernan Substation Project
2004082053 Modesto Irrigation District Modesto Irrigation District Kierman Substation Project
2004098440 City of Ontario Alley Rehabilitation
2004098432 City of Ontario Grove Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098443 City of Ontario Sixth Street Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098441 City of Ontario Carlton Street Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098435 City of Ontario Oaks Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project
2004098444 City of Ontario Riverside Drive Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098439 City of Ontario Calaveras Street Area Sewer Replacement
2004098436 City of Ontario San Antonio Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098442 City of Ontario Grove Avenue Underpass Widening and Holt Boulevard/Grove Avenue Intersection Widening
2004098433 City of Ontario Sultana Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098438 City of Ontario Granada Court Area Water Main Replacement
2004098437 City of Ontario Vineyard Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation
2004098434 City of Ontario Francis Street Pavement Rehabilitation
2003042080 California Department of Parks and Recreation Primary Road System Improvements
2004098458 California Department of Parks and Recreation Azalea Glen Trail Repair (04-05-CDD-03)
2004012090 City of Pinole Gateway Project East
2004092131 City of Plymouth City of Plymouth Housing Element Update 2003-2003
2003051146 City of Porterville Agreement No. 2004-0054-R4
2004098445 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Sonoma Development Center Upper Disposal Area Cleanup (SWIS No. 49-CR-0024)
2004099080 Riverside County EA39381
2004098454 Riverside County Parcel Map No. 21944
2004099078 Riverside County EA39437
2004099076 Riverside County EA 39181
2004098455 Riverside County Public Use Permit No. 508, Revision No. 1
2004099077 Riverside County E.A. Number 38777 for Tentative Tract Map 30807
2004099079 Riverside County EA39361
2000072035 City of Sacramento Promenade at Natomas (P00-033)
2004098459 City of Santa Maria Installation of Playground Structures at Atkinson, Rice, and Tunnell Parks
2004082111 Stockton Unified School District Wilhelmina Henry Elementary School
2004072087 City of Stockton 2004 City of Stockton Sphere of Influence Agreements
2004062047 City of Stockton 2004 City of Stockton Sphere of Influence Amendments
2004092132 Tehama County Parcel Map 04-33
2004092133 City of Vacaville Vine Trees Estates
2004041109 City of Victorville TT-04-025
2004098456 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Furnish 45 CFS Pump and Motor Units
2004098457 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Richardson Dam No. 274-4
2002092051 Town of Windsor Pruitt Avenue Extension
2004098448 Fish & Game #2 Bank Stabilization and Invasive Species Removal
2004098450 Fish & Game #3 Fern Falls Streambank Restoration
2004098451 Fish & Game #3 Crofoot Channel Maintenance
2004098453 Fish & Game #3 Magnoli Strembank Stabilization Project
2004098449 Fish & Game #3 1191 Simmons Lane
2004098452 Fish & Game #4 Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Sand Bar Dam Repair, 2004-0077-R4