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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2019070338 Redway Community Service District Redway CSD Wastewater System Infrastructure Improvement Project
2019068076 California Department of Transportation, District 2 (DOT) Plumas 70 Light Poles
2019070288 California Energy Commission Adopting solar renewable energy to reduce GHG emissions on California olive oil agricultural operation
2019070289 California Energy Commission Freedom Ranch Grid-tied Solar
2019070290 California Energy Commission Spreckels Ranch Solar System
2019070292 California Energy Commission Luis Ranch Solar System
2019070293 California Energy Commission X-Line Fossil Fuel to Solar Plus Storage Conversion
2019070294 California Energy Commission ALBA Grid Tie Solar PV
2019070295 California Energy Commission Neil Bassetti Farms Ranch 3 Grid-tied solar
2019070296 California Energy Commission Poso Creek Ranch Grid-tied Solar
2019070298 California Energy Commission Hass Heights PV Array
2019070299 California Energy Commission JS Johal & Sons kW Renewable Energy Generation Project
2019070300 California Energy Commission Full Belly Farm, Inc. 61 kW Grid Tied PV system
2019070301 California Energy Commission Rooftop-mounted PV solar at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm
2019070302 California Energy Commission Loma Seca Vineyard
2019070303 California Energy Commission Solar Shade for Amodo Ranch
2019070304 California Energy Commission 25 HP Direct Solar Irrigation Pumping System + EV charger 9 KW Solar + 20KWh storage standalone Office/packing house system
2019070305 California Energy Commission Coastal Ranch Solar
2019070306 California Energy Commission Merrill Ranch Solar Canopy
2019070307 California Energy Commission Ranch 2N Grid-tied Solar
2019070308 California Energy Commission Ranch 1 Grid-tied Solat
2019070309 California Energy Commission 14248 Peltier Road PV
2019070311 California Energy Commission Rahul Family Farms, L.P. 40.63kW Solar Project
2019070312 California Energy Commission Rahul Family Farms, L.P. 23.4kW Solar Project
2019070313 California Energy Commission Curtis Ranch Solar
2019070314 California Energy Commission 6th A venue Solar Installation
2019070315 California Energy Commission Pruitt Solar Installation
2019070317 California Energy Commission Dairy Solar, main array and charging station
2019070318 California Energy Commission Gularte Ranch Solar
2019070319 California Energy Commission 15651 Alpine Road PV
2019070320 California Energy Commission 18096 Cherry Road PV
2019070322 California Energy Commission Matthew Efird # 11
2019070323 California Energy Commission Russel Efird #28
2019070324 California Energy Commission James Efird #28
2019070325 California Energy Commission Peterson Solar Project
2019070326 California Energy Commission 8th A venue Solar Project
2019070327 California Energy Commission Bujulian Solar Project
2019070328 California Energy Commission Osganian Solar Project
2019070329 California Energy Commission Margarita Vineyards West Ranch Solar
2019070330 California Energy Commission Margarita Vineyards East Ranch Solar
2019070331 California Energy Commission Off-grid Solar Energy Project Accelerating Ag EV Adoption
2019070332 California Energy Commission Davis Vineyards 244.11 kW Solar Project
2019068074 Sierra Nevada Conservancy Blacksmith Ecological Restoration Project
2019070333 City of Stanton Conditional Use Permit C19-02
2019070277 State Water Resources Control Board Yuba County Water Agency Water Right Amended Licenses 11565, 11566, and 11567
2019070280 Kern County PLN19-01208
2019070281 Kern County PLN19-01205
2019070283 Kern County PLN19-01191
2019070284 Kern County PLN19-01218
2019070285 Kern County PLN19-01076
2019070286 Kern County PLN19-01219
2019070287 Kern County PLN19-01216
2019070275 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Habitat Conservation Planning (CDFW) California Plant Rescue Seed Banking Project (Project)
2019070276 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Habitat Conservation Planning (CDFW) Calochortus Speciation and Geographic Spread (Project)
2019070273 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Ridgewood truck Scale Overlay (01-0J600)
2019070274 California Department of Transportation, District 1 McCoy Creek Delineation (01-0J550)
2019070337 California Department of Transportation, District 6 Easton Rumble Strips
2019070334 Westlands Water District Westlands Water District's Arroyo Pasajero Dry Well Pilot Recharge Test
2017081067 Tulare City Schools Operation of City of Tulare - Water Well 46 (Replacement to Well Seven and Well Nine), Two Two- Million Gallon Storage Tanks, and Related Improvements Project
2006061140 Orange County Gobernadora Scour Protection and Habitat Restoration Project
2003021141 Orange County Gobernadora Scour Protection and Habitat Restoration Project
1997052044 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Environmental Services Division (CDFW) Conveyance of Refuge Water Supply Project
2017122001 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bay Delta Region 3 (CDFW) Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Habitat and Drainage Improvements Project
2013081079 Kern County OG CREH 347-24Z
2013081079 Kern County OG Aera 6 Wells 06062019
2013081079 Kern County OG Aera 3 Wells 06062019
2013081079 Kern County Drill Bremer DP-94-16
2010102018 City of Lincoln Turkey Creek Offsite Infrastructure Project
2018091004 Mt. San Antonio Community College Long -Range Development Plan Mt. San Antonio College 2018 Educational and Facilities Master Plan
2019049107 City of Redwood City Garfield Community School Modernization Project
2019049106 City of Redwood City John Gill School Modernization Project
2019049105 Redwood City School District Taft Community School Modernization Project
2017091067 City of Tulare PROJECT WITHDRAWN, REFER TO SCH# 2017081067
2008051098 Caruthers Community Services District Caruthers Community Services District Well and Well Water Treatment Facility Project (Project).
1992012113 Mono County Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the Tioga Inn Workforce Housing Project
2018082039 California Fish and Game Commission (CDFGC) Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan (FMP) and Regulatory Amendments
2012121008 California Department of Parks and Recreation Oceana Dunes SVRA Dust Control Program Particulate Matter Reduction Program
2016011006 Golden Hills Community Services District Golden Hills Wastewater Treatment System Improvement Project
2019069068 Kings County RE Slate Solar Project
2019069069 City of Santa Clara Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment Repairs
2019069070 City of Richmond Bay Area Rescue Mission Bridge of Hope Project
2019069065 Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District Loma Prieta Joint Union School District Domestic Water Supply Project
2019069067 City of Grover Beach Northeast Grover Beach Mixed-Use Development
2019069066 Humboldt County Honeydew Ranch, LLC
2019069064 Imperial County Conditional Use Permit #18-0020 (Initial Study #18-0017) J.R. Simplot Company, LLC
2016092028 City of Roseville Draft EIR for the Washington Boulevard/Andora Bridge Improvement Project
2017101033 San Bernardino County San Bernardino Countywide Plan
2018111038 City of Tulare Cartmill Crossings