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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2003022071 Bel Marin Keys Community Services District (BMKCSD) Bel Marin Keys Community Services District Levee Repair Project
2002102004 Bel Marin Keys Community Services District (BMKCSD) Bel Marin Keys Community Services District Maintenance Dredging Project
2003048205 California State Lands Commission Eden Housing, Inc. - Title Settlement
2003048209 California State Lands Commission Harold M. Messmer, Jr. and Marcia N. Messmer, Trustees of the Messmer Family Trust U/D/T dated October 1, 1993 - General Lease - Recreational Use
2003048211 California State Lands Commission Pelican Point Homeowner's Association - General Lease - Protective Structure Use
2003048214 California State Lands Commission Nicholas J. Kouretas and Valdean J. Kouretas, Trustees of the Kouretas Family Trust Dated November 15, 1978 - General Lease - Recreational Use
2003048206 California State Lands Commission Matthew A. and Pamela T. Young - General Lease - Recreational Use
2003048217 California State Lands Commission Dorothy E. Ray Survivor's Trust and Hubert Carlisle Bay Bypass Trust - Recreational Pier Lease
2003048220 California State Lands Commission Dudley F. Miller and Sarah Allen Miller, Trustees of the Miller and Allen Trust, dated October 23, 1999 - Recreational Pier Lease
2002082006 California State Lands Commission CPN 12-inch Natural Gas Pipeline-Rio Vista
2003048204 California State Lands Commission Sonoma County Water Agency - General Lease Public Agency Use
2003048212 California State Lands Commission Thomas Edward Radford dba Mossdale Marina - General Lease - Commercial Use
2003048215 California State Lands Commission Tahoe City Public Utility District & California Dept. of Fish & Game,Acting Through the Wildlife Conservation Board-Amendment of General Lease-Public Agency Use
2003048216 California State Lands Commission Bruce A. & Doris A. Krater, Trustees, or their Sucessors in Trust, Under the Krater Living Trust, dated Nov. 15, 2000, & John R. & Helen K. Strickley as Trustee
2003048219 California State Lands Commission Frank Tsang and Judy Ming-Ming-Sze Tsang - Recreational Pier Lease
2003048213 California State Lands Commission Steven Merrill and Jacqueline Merrill - Recreational Per Lease
2003048210 California State Lands Commission Port of Oakland - Dredging Lease
2003048207 California State Lands Commission Victor L. Metas and Shirley F. Metas, Trustees of the Metas Trust dated June 17, 1998 - Recreational Pier Lease
2003048208 California State Lands Commission Tahoe City Public Utility District - General Lease - Right of Way Use
2002051010 California State University, San Diego (SDSU) San Diego State University Imperial Valley Master Plan Project
2003042067 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Replacement of Southbound Route 101 Van Duzen River Bridge
2002101112 California Department of Transportation, District 11 Interstate 15 Managed Lanes
1996101039 California Department of Transportation, Headquarters State Route 78/111 Brawley Expressway; Proposed 78/111 Brawley Bypass Study Area
2002112122 California Department of Transportation Interstate 80 High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Gap Closure Project
2003041055 Carmel Area Wastewater District (CAWD) Sanitary Sewer Extension and Farm Road Improvement for Quail Lodge
2003049018 Del Norte County Minor Subdivision / MS0313C
2003049019 Del Norte County Minor Subdivision/MS0314C
2003049020 Del Norte County Minor Subdivision / MS0313C
2003042065 City of El Cerrito Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment
2003042053 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Codorniu Napa, Inc. Vineyard Timberland Conversion
2003022015 Humboldt County Forexco Natural Gas Pipeline and Wells
2003022002 Humboldt County Furtado Final Map
2003042058 City of Mill Valley Cable Car Coffee, PC 2351
2003048180 Monterey County Transportation Agency Monterey Branch Line
2003048170 Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Acquisition of Joughin Ranch
2003041056 North Orange County Community College District Cypress College Master Plan Program EIR
2003048172 California Department of Parks and Recreation Paint Analysis of Out Buildings at Historic Adamson House (02/03-A-41)
2003048175 California Department of Parks and Recreation Mold and Moisture Abatement (02/03-A-37)
2003048178 California Department of Parks and Recreation Road Repairs (02/03-CD-25)
2003048173 California Department of Parks and Recreation Replacement of Poles for Interpretive Signs on Adamson House Grounds (02/03-A-25)
2003048176 California Department of Parks and Recreation Thomas Kinkade Museum Signs - Casa Gutierrez
2003048174 California Department of Parks and Recreation Treatment of Historic Adamson House for Termites and Fumigation of Chests (02/03-A-33)
2003048177 California Department of Parks and Recreation Oak Tree Planting
2003048203 California Department of Parks and Recreation Renovation of Cabazon Cultural Museum
2003048179 California Department of Parks and Recreation Los Cabalos Comfort Station Replacement Facility (01/02-CD-42)
1998102052 City of Portola City of Portola General Plan 2020 (General Plan Update)
2001121009 City of Poway Hidden Valley Ranch EIR
2003042055 Red Bluff Joint Union High School District Salisbury High School Project
2001111096 San Benito County Sunnyslope County Water District Office and Maintenance Facility
2003048201 San Diego County McCarthy Tentative Parcel Map; TPM 20652; ER 01-18-013
1994101023 San Diego County Moses Grading Plan, L 14188; Sante Fe Valley Specific Plan, The Starwood - Crosby Estates Conference Center/Resort, Tennis Center and Temporary Golf Clubhouse M
2003048199 San Diego County ZAP 00-113W, Log No. 00-08-035A; Kent's Bromeliad Nursery - Sprint PCS
2003048200 San Diego County Nextel - Old Highway 395 Telecommunications Facility; ZAP 02-040; Log No. 02-02-015
2003042056 San Joaquin County Minor Subdivision No. PA-02-88
2003041053 City of Santa Barbara Wildland Fire Management Plan
2000042051 Santa Clara Valley Water District Lower Guadalupe River Project
2002122066 Santa Cruz County Pajaro River Sandbar Breaching
2001042003 Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District Metrobase Facility - Harvey West
2003041054 City of Santa Maria Santa Maria Freeway Center
2003042057 Sotoyome Resource Conservation District Little North Gualala River Sediment Reduction Project
2003042054 City of Vallejo Casa Del Reis Subdivision
2001012100 Yuba County South Honcut Creek Bridge Replacement Project
2003048171 Fish & Game #2 Pier Modification
2003049017 Fish & Game #5 Tentative Parcel Map No. 19222