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Wildland Fire Management Plan
CDFW is intending to execute a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code (# 1600-2014-0160-R5), to the Project applicant, Ann Marx, City of Santa Barbara Fire Department. Project proposes to minimize the spread of wildland fires, and to protect both the natural environment and surrounding community by reducing the vegetation load. The area consists of 151 acres of public and private land requiring vegetation management, with 85 acres in CDFW's jurisdiction. The area is divided into five assessment districts, 1) the Arroyo Burro Watershed, 2) Mission Creek Watershed, 3) Sycamore Canyon Watershed, 4) Laguna Channel Watershed, and 5) Andree Clark Watershed. When feasible, the Project will avoid impacts to stream beds, banks and associated riparian habitat. Some limited work within the jurisdictional area will require removal non-native, invasive and dead vegetation that can contribute to excessive fire load. Limited limbing, chipping and/or trimming of native vegetation may be required in oak woodland habitats. Cut vegetation will not be left within the channel. No permanent impacts are anticipated, and all work will be done using hand tools. Some work will be completed by the property owners through a legal Letter of Understanding (LofU) between the property owner and the City of Santa Barbara. The LofU outlines al conditions that the property owner is required to meet per the Wildland Fire Plan, biological surveys, and to all conditions specified in this Agreement.
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City of Santa Barbara Vegetation Treatment - Fire Management Plan Project
City of Santa Barbara Wildland Fire Plan
City of Santa Barbara Wildland Fire Management Plan
City of Santa Barbara Wildland Fire Management Plan