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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2000109026 Contra Costa County SD 008396
2000092002 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) South Knob VMP (Vegetation Managemant Project)
1998092043 City of Hercules New Pacific Properties (Hercules)
2000109021 Hueneme School District Old Garden Creek Sewer Repair (ER # 110-00)
1993033028 Mendocino County Garcia River Watershed Enhancement Plan
2000041115 California Department of Conservation, State Mining and Geology Board Division (SMGB) Atkinson Brick Reclamation Plan
1990021233 City of Modesto City of Modesto Redevelopment Plan EIR
1999091007 Los Angeles County Vesting Tentative Tract No. 52790
2000041120 Monterey County Water Resources Agency Old Salinas River Channel Sediment Removal
1999082006 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Williams Communication, Inc. Fiber Optics Point Arena to Robbins Route and Williams Communications, Inc. Fiber Optics Point Arena to Sacramento Route
1999092049 Sacramento County Greenback Lane/Elkhorn Blvd./I-80 Interchange Modification
2000109018 San Diego County Venture Christian School, Major Use Permit Modification/P72-650W2, Log No. 00-14-029
1998081016 San Diego County TPM 20318, Log No. 97-09-009; Brinker Lot Split
2000109019 San Diego County TPM 20316, Log No. 97-8-28; Elevado Tentative Parcel Map
2000022012 University of California, Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy Expansion Project
2000091037 University of California, Irvine University Hills Area 8
2000071078 City of Wasco City of Wasco Draft Circulation Element
1999121093 Westside Resource Conservation District Panoche/Silver Creek Watershed Revitalization Project; Notification No. R4-2000-0063
2000109020 San Luis Obispo County Subdivision Improvements Along Thompson Road, Nipomo, California
2000042057 Santa Clara Valley Water District 2000 Stream Maintenance Project
2000108168 State Water Resources Control Board Application to Appropriate Water (A030632)
2000108177 California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Licensing and Certification
2000108167 Fish & Game #4 Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Berenda Slough Pipeline Repair, Stream Alteration Agreement No. R4-2000-0129
2000108153 Fish & Game #4 Sierra Telephone Cable Placement Across an Unnamed Tributary to Coarsegold Creek; R4-2000-0104
2000108154 Fish & Game #5 Southern California Gas Company-Cherry Creek Span Guard Project
2000108149 Fish & Game #5 Santa Paula Creek Diversion Fish Ladder at Mud Creek Operation and Maintenance Guide
2000108165 San Bernardino City Unified School District Emmerton Parking Lot
2000108162 San Bernardino City Unified School District Installation of Multi-Use Portables
2000108163 San Bernardino City Unified School District Smart Building
2000108164 San Bernardino City Unified School District Neighborhood Spirite Center
2000108152 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 2 (San Francisco Bay), Oakland Maintenance dredging at Weisenberg Residence
2000108169 California Department of Parks and Recreation Ranger Office Repairs (00/01-CD-04)
2000108171 California Department of Parks and Recreation Repair Camp Store Sewer Line
2000108175 California Department of Parks and Recreation Borrego Palm Canyon Water System Repair (00/01-CD-08)
2000108170 California Department of Parks and Recreation Telephone Lines to Residences 3 & 7 (00/01-CCM-03)
2000108172 California Department of Parks and Recreation Cactus Loop Trail Rehabilitatiion (00/01-CD-09)
2000108159 Hueneme School District Palomares Creek Bank Restoration
2000108166 Hueneme School District Bank Repair and Earthen Dam Construction on an Unnamed Tributary to the west fork of Chorro Creek
2000108161 Hueneme School District Cordilleras Creek-Maintenance of public Culvert Crossings
2000108155 Hueneme School District Bayfron Canal-Maintenance of Flood Control Channel
2000108158 Los Angeles County Eastlake Court Entry Closure Project
2000108156 Hueneme School District Bank Repair and Earthen Dam Construction on an Unnamed Tributary to the West Fork of Chorro Creek
2000108160 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Big Creek Conservation Easement, Forest Legacy Program
2000108157 Department of Developmental Services Porterville Developmental Center Well #10
2000108148 Department of Education Pupil Personnel Services Building
2000101069 City of Encinitas 00-173 TPM/CDP/EIA
2000101060 California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources Timeless 28-4H
2000101067 Los Angeles County Project No. 00-82/Conditional Use Permit & Zone Change
2000101065 City of Porterville Park and Ride Parking Lot
2000101061 City of Redlands Annexation No. 79 & Zone Change No. 376
2000101070 City of Norwalk Norwalk Redevelopment Project Areas 1 & 2, Amendment No. 2
2000101062 Monterey County Flint Minor Subdivision (PLN990531)
2000102058 Sutter County Walnut Park Estates
2000101066 City of Temecula Pala Road Widening Interim Improvements
1999091073 San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District Regional Water Facilities Master Plan
1999111111 Madera County North Fork
2000032089 City of Citrus Heights Stock Ranch Guide to Development
2000101064 City of Del Rey Oaks The Fort Ord Transportation Network Elements (York Road, Upper Ragsdale Drive, and Ryan Ranch Road Connections to South Boundary Road)
2000101063 Riverside County Surface Mining Permit No. 202
2000102059 Shasta County 2001 Shasta County Regional Transportation Plan
2000071045 City of San Diego UCSD Trunk Sewer
2000101071 Augustine Band of Cahuilla Mission Indians CasinoEagle Flower Garden Resort and Casino Temporary Casino Facility
2000102060 Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians Dry Creek Rancheria Entertainment Facility