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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2017061030 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California High Desert Water Bank
2013081079 Kern County CRC new drills 5 wells
2018011049 City of Burbank Media Studios Ten-Year Development Agreement Extension Project
1992113073 City of Dixon Dixon Crossings Project
1995100394 City of Dixon Dixon Crossing Project
2006072067 City of Rancho Cordova Shalako Project
2014051075 City of San Diego Hilltop and Euclid Mixed-Use Development Project
2018101018 San Luis Obispo County PG&E Vegetation Management Minor Use Permit/Coastal Development Permit; DRC2016-00135
2019018250 California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) City of San Francisco Field Office Department of Motor Vehicles Perimeter Fence Project
2019018232 California Department of Parks and Recreation SCE Pole Replacement WIldwood Canyon (18/19-IE-5)
2019018244 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Dominie Creek Fish Passage
2019018221 City of Santa Rosa Laguna Treatment Plant Digester Gas Conditioning Improvements C02101
2019018222 San Bernardino International Airport Authority Finalize the City Creek Bypass Channel Repairs and Rehabilition
2019018243 Wheeler Ridge -Maricopa Water Storage District Westside Mutual Water Company LLC's (WMWC) Multiyear Banking and Transfer Program (Project)
2019018246 Kern County PLN19-00095
2019018223 Kern County PLN19-00066
2019018238 Kern County PLN19-00084
2019018235 Kern County PLN19-00082
2019018241 Kern County PLN19-00013
2019018254 Kern County PLN19-00094
2019018237 Kern County PLN19-00081
2019018234 Kern County PLN18-02322
2019018252 Kern County PLN19-00069
2019018229 Kern County PLN19-00079
2019018245 Kern County PLN19-00093
2019018251 Kern County PLN19-00091
2019018228 Kern County PLN19-00055
2019018239 Kern County PLN19-00003
2019018242 Kern County PLN19-00050
2019018220 City of Elk Grove 2018 Minor Zoning Code Amendment 2
2019018231 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) CalFire Mount Oso Communication Tower and Facilities Replacement Project
2019018233 City of Hillsborough Urgency Ordinance and Resolution Amnding the Hillsborough Municipial Code....
2019018249 Kern County PLN19-00010
2019018253 Kern County PLN19-00097
2019018230 Kern County PLN19-00067
2019018296 Kern County PLN19-00056
2019018236 Kern County PLN19-00047
2019018247 Kern County PLN19-00083
2019018224 Kern County PLN18-02081
2019018227 Kern County PLN19-00049
2019018248 Kern County PLN18-02193
2019018225 Kern County PLN19-00080
2019018226 Kern County PLN19-00068
2019011028 Santa Barbara County PCEC Solar Project
2019011029 Tulare County M348 South Fork Kaweah River Bridge (No. 46C0195) Replacement Project
2019012030 Los Rios Community College District Sacramento City College - Lillard Hall Replacement and Modernization Project
2018071058 City of Riverside The Exchange
2019012029 Shasta County Fountain Wind Project (UP16-007)
2019012028 Sonoma Valley Unified School District Sonoma Valley High Athletic Fields Renovation Project