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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2020030192 Kern County PLN20-00308
2020030191 Kern County PLN20-00322
2020030190 Kern County PLN20-00450
2020030189 Kern County PLN20-00466
2020030188 Kern County PLN20-00467
2020030187 Kern County PLN20-00444
2020030186 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) 3Q920 SR-87 Drainage Modifications Minor B
2020030185 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region 5 (CDFW) Eaton Wash Reservoir Routine Mowing Maintenance Project (LSA No. 1600-2016-0095-R5)
2020030184 Kern County PLN20-00307
2020030183 Kern County PLN20-00503
2020030182 Central Valley Flood Protection Board 2017 Storm Damage - USAGE Public Law 84-99 Levee Rehabilitation
2020030181 California Department of Parks and Recreation Red Rock Trail Rehabilitation
2020030180 Kern County PLN20-00444
2020030179 Kern County PLN20-00404
2020030178 Lake County South Lake Farms
2020030177 California Department of Parks and Recreation SWEX Wind Measurement Towers
2020030176 California Department of Transportation, District 8 (DOT) Valley Wells Safety Roadside Rest Area (SRRA) Director's Order
2020030175 Kern County PLN20-00490
2020030174 Kern County PLN20-00489
2020030173 Kern County PLN20-00465
2020030172 Kern County PLN20-00464
2020030171 Los Angeles County AUTOMOBILE SERVICE STATION
2020030170 California Fish and Game Commission (CDFGC) 2020 Recreational Purple Sea Urchin Emergency Rule
2020030169 City of Tulare CUP No. 2020-01 - Kaweah Delta Medical Clinic
2020030168 City of Tulare Storm Sewer Lift Stations Upgrade Project
2020030167 City of Tulare City of Tulare Farmland Mitigation Ordinance
1990010240 San Diego County Lindo Lake Improvements Project
2020030166 City of Coalinga Family Dollar
2020030165 Kern County PLN20-00353
2020030164 Kern County PLN20-00408
2020030163 Kern County PLN20-00413
2020030162 City of Rialto Conditional Development Permit No. 2018-0045 (MC2018-0102) Best 1 Trucking
2020030161 Humboldt Community Services District Pine Hill Road Sewer Lift Station Bank Failure Emergency R
2020030160 Kern County PLN20-00483
2020030159 Kern County PLN20-00455
2020039014 Citrus Heights Water District Highland Avenue Well Project
2020039013 Placer County Catuna Residential Care Home (PLN19-00275)
2020039012 Placer County Wilson MLD (PLN19-00123)
2020039011 Shasta County Chaparral Stables - Horse Boarding Facility
2017111073 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power De Soto Tanks and Pump Station Project
2019080136 United States Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians of the Tuolumne Rancheria of California - APN: 088-100-004-000
2020030158 Kern County PLN20-00482
2020030157 Kern County PLN20-00481
2019012040 City of Santa Rosa Caritas Village Project
2020030156 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region 5 (CDFW) Temporary Bridge over Cold Springs Creek (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0263- R5)
2020030155 California Department of Transportation, District 2 (DOT) Director's Order - Reshape Slope to Create Catchment Area & Haul Off Soil from Sli
2015102005 Mendocino County Felipe Guerderas Water Diversion1 Encroachment (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019- 0891-R1)
2015102005 Humboldt County Digiallorenzo Water Diversion Infrastructure Removal and Stream Restoration Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2019-0127-R1)
2009091125 California Department of Transportation, District 6 (DOT) Caltrans Issuance of an Encroachment Permit for the CHSRA - Install 3 Utility Poles
2008091155 City of Malibu Coastal Development Permit No. 19-083, an application for a Temporary Skate Park
2020030154 Kern County PLN20-00454
2020030153 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Delta-Mendota Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation Project
2020030152 Kern County PLN20-00462
2020030151 Kern County PLN20-00463
2020030150 Kern County PLN20-00459
2020030149 Kern County PLN20-00452
2020030148 Kern County PLN20-00487
2020030147 California Department of Transportation, District 10 (DOT) 1J400: SR 104 Drainage System Installation
2020030146 California Department of Transportation, District 10 (DOT) Maintenance Facilities Rehab
2020030145 Kern County PLN20-00461
2020030144 Kern County PLN20-00458
2020030142 Kern County PLN20-00457
2020030141 Kern County PLN20-00453
2020030140 Kern County PLN20-00443
2020030139 Kern County PLN20-00442
2020030138 Kern County PLN20-00441