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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2009101045 City of Agoura Hills Agoura Medical Partners
2009128119 City of Benicia Streambed Alteration Agreement-Routine Maintenance
2009122044 City of Elk Grove Parks and Recreation Master Plan
2007042101 City of Elk Grove Elk Grove Boulevard/SR 99 Interchange Modification Project
2009112040 California Energy Commission State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program - California
2009128114 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 1 (CDFW) Issuance of Streambed Alteration Agreement No. R1-09-0363, Musserhill Culvert Replacement Project, Trinity County
2009128113 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 1 (CDFW) Issuance of Streambed Alteration Agreement No. R1-09-0265, Endicott Bank Stabilization Project, Unnamed tributary to Brickyard Creek
2009128112 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 1 (CDFW) Issuance of Streambed Alteration Agreement No. R1-09-0231, Ekland Gravel Extraction Project, Thomas Creek, Tributary to the Sacramento River.
2009129009 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. R1-09-0079 / THP 2-08-100-SHA, 'Skunk THP'
2009061099 City of Hawthorne Mixed Use Overlay and R-4, Maximum Density, Zone
2009121048 City of Huntington Beach Ward Garfield Specific Plan No. 16 (Recreational Vehicle Storage)
2009111000 City of Indio Indio Central Park and Public Safety Complex
2009011066 Los Angeles Community College District South Gate Educational Center
2009011066 Los Angeles Community College District ELAC Firestone Educational Center (formerly referred to as South Gate Educational Center)
2009121046 Los Angeles County Oak Tree Ordinance Amendment
2009071112 Los Angeles Unified School District South Region High School No. 8
2008121121 Mariposa County Catheys Valley Community Plan
2008082114 City of Milpitas City of Milpitas Water and Sewer Master Plan Update
2009121049 Monterey County Monterey-Salinas Transit - Whispering Oaks Business Park
2009129011 Napa County Bay Trail-American Canyon to the River and to Green Island Road
2006052148 Nevada County Berg, Bradley & Barbara
2009112017 North Coast County Water District NCCWD Water Transmission Pipeline Project
2009122043 Paradise Irrigation District Paradise Irrigation District Water Rights Permits Extension
2009128125 California Department of Parks and Recreation Issue Kent Creek Culvert Easement to County of Marin
2009128127 California Department of Parks and Recreation Toler's Boot Shope Roop Repiar (09-10-SD-19)
2009128121 California Department of Parks and Recreation Ranch Repainting, Wildwood Canyon (09/10-IE-6)
2009062010 Placer County Kings Beach Housing Now, Site 4, Chipmunk Street
2009128116 Placer County Garcia/Stafford Side-Front and Rear Setback Variance
2009128128 City of Redding Stillwater Wastewater Treatment Plant Infrastructure Improvements Project, Phase 1A and B.
2009102064 City of Sacramento Access Improvements from Railyards to Richards Boulevard and Interstate 5 Project
2005062143 City of Sacramento Docks Area Specific Plan
2009121051 City of Salinas City of Salinas Industrial Wastewater Conveyance System Improvements
2009121045 San Bernardino County TT 18670
2009121050 City of San Buenaventura Foster Park Embankment Protection and Restoration Project - EIR-2520
2009121044 San Diego County Coker Minor Subdivision (3 Lots); Tentative Parcel Map 21102
2009121047 San Diego County Stehly Minor Subdivision; Tentative Parcel Map; TPM 20905RPL4, ER05-02-002
2009101075 San Diego County Kirkorowicz Minor Subdivision (2 lots), TPM 20986RPL CY/ER 05-02-037
2009021015 San Diego County Bear Valley Parkway North Widening Project
2009128115 San Joaquin County Grant Application for the California Energy Commission Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
2009128120 City of Santa Clara Benicia Wind Power Project
2008072055 Siskiyou County Doctor's Park Owner's Association Tentative Parcel Map and Zone Change (TPM-06-04/Z-06-02)
2008061092 Snowline Joint Unified School District New High School No. 2
2008072096 Sonoma County Water Agency North Bay Water Recycling Program
2008052055 City of Sonora Sonora Walmart Expansion Project
2007031069 California State Board of Education Formation of Wiseburn Unified School District
2009128117 California Tahoe Conservancy Meyers 5 Fuel Reduction
2009128118 Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Lake Tahoe Best Management Practices Implementation and Effectiveness
2009128122 Tuolumne County Tentative Parcel Map T09-052
2009128123 Tuolumne County Tentative Parcel Map T09-051
2004121145 City of Victorville Crossings at Victorville, SP-04-030 (California Endangered Species Act Incidental Take Permit No. 2081-2009-011-06)
2009102099 Yolo County Ridge Cut Giant Garter Snake Conservation Bank
2009128124 Fish & Game #5 Vallecitos Water District Riparian Mitigation at Rancho La Costa
2009128126 Fish & Game #5 Back bay Science Center Dock and Bulkhead Replacement