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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2009101055 City of Arvin City of Arvin Circulation Element Update
2005111015 East Valley Water District Plant 40 Nitrate and Uranium IX Treatment System
2009108123 El Dorado Irrigation District Strawberry Water System (System No. 091007) Metering and Antenna Installation
2009108114 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Rock Pit Training
2008102048 Graton Community Services District Graton Community Services District Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade
2009061035 Hi-Desert Water District LAFCO 3084 - Hi-Desert Water District Expansion of Authorized Services to Include Collection, Treatment, Reclamation, and Disposal under it Authorized Sewer Fun
2006042155 Humboldt County Harry Hardin Conditional Use Permit
2003091019 City of La Verne Puddingstone La Venture Specific Plan; Tentative Tract Map 53984 (Case No.: SP 90-02; 92-02TTM; 27-03EIR)
2009081032 Los Angeles County Marina Bay Club
2009101058 City of Los Angeles District Cooling Plant and Distribution System Project
2009101057 City of Murrieta Line D and D-1 Realignment
2009102053 Napa County Marciano Winery Use Permit Application No. P08-00423-UP
2002081024 Orange County Water District Orange County Water District Final Program Environmental Report for Orange COunty Water District Application to Appropriate Santa Ana River Water
2009108115 California Department of Parks and Recreation Install Front Entrance Security Gate
2009108122 California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Brookwood Well
2009109004 Sacramento County Watt/Elkhorn Subdivision Map, Use Permit, Special Development Permit, Design Review and Affordable Housing Plan
2009101054 City of San Clemente City of San Clemente Master Wayfinding Sign Program
2009102050 City of San Jose Zanker Material Recycling Facility
2009102051 Santa Cruz County Pleasure Point Combining District
2008102019 City of Santa Rosa Spring Lake Village Expansion and Annexation Project
2009102052 Tuolumne County Kessel Tentative Parcel Map T08-025(1)
2009031106 Ventura County RDKJV Campus, LLC, Expansion Project ("Brooks Institute of Photography")
2009101056 Ventura County Planned Development No. LU09-0077 and CUP Minor Modification No. LU09-0078
2006012136 Zone 7 Water Agency Point of Delivery Agreement among the Department of Water Resources of the State of California, Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Zo
2009108116 Fish & Game #2 State Route 12 Culvert Replacement Project
2009108118 Fish & Game #2 Wildwood Estates Mitigation Project (1600-2009-0126-R2)
2009108119 Fish & Game #2 Carver Railcar Bridge Removal (1600-2009-0186-R2)
2009108117 Fish & Game #4 Agreement No. 2009-0072-R4- Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Sand Bar Dam Leakage Mitigation
2009108121 Fish & Game #5 Mission Creek Sewer Line Repair and Fish Passage Restoration.
2009108120 Fish & Game #5 Long Canyon Creek Bank Restoration