Wednesday, June 13, 2001

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2001061053 California State University Board of Trustees California State University San Marcos - Master Plan Revision - Student Housing and Associated Facilities
1999061014 California Department of Transportation, District 7 Avenue H Improvements At SR14
1998052004 City of Chico Streambed Alteration Agreement for Midway Bike Path
2001068150 California Department of Conservation (DOC) "Kern A" 209 (030-18763)
2001068151 California Department of Conservation (DOC) Well No. 7-7H (030-18764)
2001068148 California Department of Conservation (DOC) "Lilly Fee" G-1F (030-18765)
2001068152 California Department of Conservation (DOC) "SCLU" 25-10 (030-18766)
2001068149 California Department of Conservation (DOC) Well No. 351-17G (030-18768)
2000091008 City of Delano Delano Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Collection System Upgrades
2001062060 City of Elk Grove Rock Church and School Campus Expansion
2001062061 City of Elk Grove Calvine Self Storage
2001068145 Hueneme School District Arroyo Dos Picachos Bridge
2001068146 Hueneme School District San Juan Creek Bridges Replacement
2001068143 Hueneme School District Far Creek Culvert Repair
2001068147 Hueneme School District Las Positas Golf Course Maintenance Facility Access Bridge
2001068144 Hueneme School District Grandview Drive Slide Repair
2001052027 Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Installation of a Standby Electrical Generator at the Essex Control Center
1988070516 City of Lathrop Crossroads Industrial Park SEIR
2001061056 Merced County Major Subdivision Application No. 00002/Zone Change Application No. 00003 - Crane
2001068156 California Department of Parks and Recreation Cleveland National Forest O&M
2001068159 California Department of Parks and Recreation Ridgecrest Field Office O&M
2001068158 California Department of Parks and Recreation Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit O&M
2001068157 California Department of Parks and Recreation Tahoe National Forest O&M
2001061049 Riverside County Specific Plan 106, Amendment No. 9, Change of Zone No. 6510, Tentative Tract Map No. 29675, Tentative Tract Map 29202
2001031086 City of Riverside William J. Cagney Trust Residential Subdivision - TM 29515
2001062053 City of Roseville March Industrial Park
1998012052 Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency Lower Dry Creek & Robla Creek Levee Improvements
1997112030 Sacramento County Bruceville Road Widening
2001062063 Sacramento County Sycamore Grove Subdivision
2001022043 City of Sacramento West El Camino Bridge Repairs, CIP# TM76
2001041088 San Diego County Verizon Wireless Barrett Junction; ZAP 00-072
2000051093 San Diego County Trophy Drive Drainage Installation Project (2C8006)
2001041016 San Diego County ZAP 00-099, Log No. 00-02-023
2001061055 City of San Diego East Linda Vista Trunk Sewer Phase II
1998031102 San Mateo County Flood Control District Colma Creek-Guadalupe Canyon Basin Storm Drain Systems
2001061050 Santa Barbara County Delgado Lot Split
2001062044 Santa Cruz County Happy Valley-Bridge Repair
2001061057 City of Solvang State Water Connection Project
2001052004 Sonoma County Valley of the Moon Children's Home Community School
2001042065 Stanislaus County Rezone No. 2001-08, Parcel Map No. 2001-10 - Ross and Susan Condit
1987020302 City of Stockton Storm Water Pipe Stream Crossing
2001042088 Department of Toxic Substances Control Santa Clara Gateway Site-Remedial Action Plan
2001061051 United States Department of Energy Environmental Assessment of Construction and Operation of Peak Power Plant
1989072618 University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Long Range Development Plan Update
2001062059 City of Vacaville Alamo Place and Vacaville Military Housing
2001069026 Fish & Game #2 Sugar Pine Gap Timber Harvest Plan 2-00-184(BUT(1)
2001068153 Fish & Game #2 Ulatis Creek Bridge
2001069023 Fish & Game #2 Shackleton Timber Harvest Plan
2001069025 Fish & Game #2 Humbug Timber Harvest Plan 2-00-232(BUT(1)
2001069027 Fish & Game #2 Timber Harvest Plan 2-96-379-PLU(1)
2001068154 Fish & Game #2 Soil Boring at Woodbridge Fish Screen
2001069024 Fish & Game #2 Timber Harvest Plan 2-00-185(BUT(1)
2001068155 Fish & Game #2 Borow Culvert and Pond