Monday, March 19, 2001

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2000121075 City of Cathedral City Conditional Use Permit 00-270, Desert Solutions Inc.
2001039022 San Diego County L13269; Log No. 99-19-014; Cioe Residence Grading Permit
2001039021 San Diego County Pacific Bell Building Addition, MUP 77-009W2, ER 77-22-001B
2000121090 San Diego County Armor Products, Inc., Emulsion and Sealant Plant, S 00-067, Log No. 00-14-069
2000051038 Pleasant Valley School District La Mariposa Elementary School
2000092053 Siskiyou County Bernard and Betty Eastlick Tentative Parcel Map (TPM-99-12)
2001022008 Tuolumne Utilities District Reconstruction of the Big Hill - Monte Grande Water Systems
2001012034 Siskiyou County Julia I. Carrington (NewCom Wireless, LLC) Use Permit (UP-00-22) (Collier Site)
2001012042 Siskiyou County John and Patricia Tanner Tentative Subdivision Map (TSM-00-01Tract No. 1179)
2001021015 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Water Purchase, Groundwater Storage, And Recovery Agreements Between the California Department of Water Resources and Westside Mutual Water Company, Tejon Casta
2001039023 City of Yucaipa Centex Homes
2001021034 Fish & Game #5 Joint Water Purchase Agreement Between Buena Vista Water Storage District, West Kern Water District, Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Storage District, and DWR
2001038346 Fish & Game, Wildlife Conservation Board Cherokee Farms Wetland Conservation Easement
2001038252 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Lambert Dam
2001038255 University of California, Berkeley CNR Insectary/Greenhouse Replacement Project
2001038256 University of California Santa Cruz Neeson Road Parcels Vegetation Clearance
2001038249 California Tahoe Conservancy Pioneer Trail Fire Hazard Reduction I
2001038266 Department of Toxic Substances Control HHWVAR010202 - Three Year Variance to San Joaquin County to Operate a Materials Exchange Program (MEP)
2001038260 Department of Toxic Substances Control Three-year CESQG Variance Renewal to the City of Oxnard and Ventura County- V96HQSCD129R2
2001038265 Department of Toxic Substances Control HWVAR000103R-Two-Month Variance Renewal to the City of Santa Clara to Conduct Residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collections
2001038264 Department of Toxic Substances Control HHWVAR990701R2-Revised Variance to Kings Waste and Recycling Authority's Used Oil Collection Centers to Accept Participating Agricultural Used Oil.
2001038261 Department of Toxic Substances Control HHWVAR010301-Three-Year Variance to San Diego County to Conduct Residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collections
2001038257 San Luis Obispo County Black Lake Canyon Acquisition
2001038254 Santa Cruz County Bus Procurement Grant Nos: CA-90-X902;CA-90-X873;CA-90-Y024-01;TCRP #101;TCRP #149;Moyer-M-28 (MBUAPCD)
2001038250 Marina Coast Water District Amendment of FORA/MCWD Water/Wastewater Facilitator's Agreement
2001038253 City of Chino Hills Sleepy Hollow Community Center
2001038216 California Department of Conservation (DOC) "KCL-10" 86 (030-18120)
2001038218 California Department of Conservation (DOC) Well no. 77S-33S (030-18122)
2001038251 Hueneme School District Swanton Road Bridge Seismic Retrofit
2001031087 Kern County EA: LO 5-00; TPM No. 10588 (Thomas Tieo by Nelms Surveying)
2001032092 Laguna Salada Union School District Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School
2001031081 Los Angeles County Conditional Use Permit 00-170, Parcel Map 26068
2001031080 Los Angeles County Project No. 00-204
2001032089 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Cascade Shores Fire Hazard Reduction (Fuelbreak) Project
2001032087 City of Half Moon Bay Pilarcitos Creek Trail
2001032090 City of Chico Use Permit No. 01-09/ER No. 01-06
2001032091 Siskiyou County Mills Ranch, Inc./NewCom Wireless LLC Use Permit (UP-00-32)
2001031086 City of Riverside William J. Cagney Trust Residential Subdivision - TM 29515
2001031084 San Benito County M-District Review No. 63-99
2001031085 San Luis Obispo County Los Berros Road/El Campo Road Left Turn Lanes; ED98-409 (C980031E/P12A278)
2001031083 Ventura County CYP 4571-4 (Wayne Jones)
1997052086 Sacramento County Parking Garage at Sacramento International Airport
2000051060 City of South Pasadena Mixed Use Development 1040 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA 91030
1999092087 City and County of San Francisco 525 Golden Gate Avenue (City Administrative Building)
2001032088 City and County of San Francisco San Francisco Transbay Terminal/Caltrain Downtown Extension Project (City Project No. 2000.048E)
2001022071 City of San Jose Mixed Use Project and Expansion of the Century Center Redevelopment Project Area
2001031082 City of Los Angeles Alameda East Redevelopment Project
2001031095 Chemehuevi Indian Tribe Chemehuevi Indian Tribe Casino Expansion