Thursday, September 9, 1999

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
1999072100 Del Norte County MIKE RUSSELL-Minor subdivision MS9917C
1999098120 Fish & Game #2 Sandridge Road and Bridge Storm Damage Repairs
1999091044 Monterey County Granite Construction - Metz Quarry
1999098117 Fish & Game #3 Stream Corridor Improvement
1999091038 City of Sierra Madre Maranatha High School
1999092031 City of San Jose Coyote Valley Research Park Planned Development Rezoning
1999099027 Fish & Game #2 Streambed Alteration Agreement for Cornwall Timber Harvest Plan
1999091039 City of Loma Linda Amendment to Merge Redevelopment Projects 1 & 2
1999092032 Truckee Donner Public Utility District Truckee Donner Public Utility District Fiber-Optic Installation Project
1999099025 Lake County John McCarthy IS 99-28/MUP 99-14
1999091047 Riverside County EIR 414 (Scott Road South Residential Subdivision)
1998011044 City of San Diego SOUTH SAN DIEGO WATER PIPELINE NO2
1999092029 Contra Costa County MS980022
1999092030 City of Healdsburg Wastewater Outfall Relocation Project
1999091048 San Diego County TM 5149RPL, Log No. 98-02-033; Schostag Tentative Map
1999098121 Fish & Game #2 Streambed Alteration Agreement for Coloma Resort
1999091042 City of Solana Beach Housing Element Revision 1999-2004
1999098118 Fish & Game #3 Golden Gate Duck Club slough maintenance.
1999091045 City of Santa Monica Rand Property Acquisition
1999098122 California Department of Employment Development (EDD) San Fernando Job Service Build-to-Suit
1999032028 City of San Mateo PA98-037 Century Downtown Cinema and New Main Street Garage
1999091049 San Diego County TM-5147, Log 98-14-031; Ferry Ranch Tentative Map
1999091043 City of Carlsbad Tallman Property
1999098119 Fish & Game #2 Streambed Alteration Agreement for Wallace Ranch
1999091046 Riverside County EIR 415
1999072099 Del Norte County PATRICIA MARIS-Minor Subdivision MS9915C
1999072139 Reclamation District No. 563 - Tyler Island Levee Maintenance Dredging and Fill Placement