Friday, October 23, 2009

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2009052032 Bret Harte Union High School District (BHUHSD) Bret Harte High School Sports Complex/Baseball Field Improvements & Aquatic Center
2009108216 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Bridge Deck Repair
2009102075 California High Speed Rail Authority Altamont Corridor Rail Project
2007071107 Imperial County Rancho Los Lagos Specific Plan/Change of Zone/General Plan Amendment/Major Subdivision
2009101087 Inyo County Tentative Parcel Map No. 395 (Sorrells)
2009109011 Los Angeles County (SAA #1600-2006-0435-R5) Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 52047, CUP No. 96-101, and OTP No. 96-101 (Bridlevast)
2008092083 City of Manteca Union Crossing
2008122111 Napa County Napa Pipe Project Supplement to the Draft EIR
2007011136 Palomar Community College District Palomar Community College District; General Plan Circulation Element Amendment; GPA 09-006
2009108211 California Department of Parks and Recreation Trio Trail Maintenance and Vista Trail Footbridge Replacement
2009108221 California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Sidhu Chevron Nitrate Treatment for Well 01
2009108219 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 5 (Central Valley), Sacramento Vernal Pool Hydrology Study
2009101088 City of Riverside P09-0453, P09-0455, P09-0456, P09-0457 - Sabert Corporation Expansion
2009102078 Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency Levee Vegetation Research Program Windthrow, Root Architecture, Tree Root Seepage and Piping Studies
2009101085 San Diego County Arabshahi Tentative Parcel Map
2009082070 San Juan Unified School District Elimination of Nonmandatory Transportation Service
2009102076 Santa Cruz County Haghshenas
2009102077 Siskiyou County Parker Use Permit UP-09-11
2008072055 Siskiyou County Doctors Park Association Zone Change (Z-06-02)
2009062070 City of South San Francisco South El Camino Real General Plan Amendment (P08-0076: GPA08-0001 & EIR08-0004)
2009108220 California Tahoe Conservancy Transfer of Restoration Credit and Coverage Rights to the Carnelian Bay Overhead to Underground Utility Conversion Project
2009101084 City of Tehachapi City of Tehachapi General Plan
2009108215 Tuolumne County Conditional Use Permit CUPH09-009
2009108214 Tuolumne County Demolition Permit Review D09-007
2009108212 Fish & Game #2 San Antonio Pipeline Project SAA # 1600-2009-0141-R2
2009108213 Fish & Game #3 Kelly Road Bank Repair