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Union Crossing Project Draft EIR
The project site is ~65 acres (including a portion of Woodward Avenue and the three residential parcels in the southwestern portion of the site that are not proposed development) and is located in the southern portion of the City of Manteca. The project consists of 8 components: 1) Certification of an EIR as adequate environmental documentation for the project; 2) General Plan Amendment (GPA-08-01) to change the land use designation from LDR (Low Density Residential) to GC (General Commercial) for an ~6.32 acre parcel located at the northwest corner of the intersection of South Union Road and Woodward Avenue (APN 226-160-17); 3) Prezone (PRZ-05-04) of 6 parcels, APNs 226-160-04, 05, and 17 to C-G (General Commercial) and APNs 226-160-14, 15, 16 to R-1 (Single-Family Residential); 4) Annexation (ANX-05-05) of 6 parcels totaling ~64.23 scres; 5) Site Plan Review (SPC-08-11), 6) Planned Unit Development (PCD-08-02); 7) Tentative Parcel Map (SDN-08-03), 8) and Master Sign Program (MSP-08-06) for the development of ~53.35 acres (APNs 226-160-04, 05, 17) into a commercial shopping center. The center will be accessed from both South Union Road and Atherton Drive which is proposed to be extended through the project site from the current intersection location at South Union Road. The Union Crossing shopping center will consist of various commercial/retail shops and restaurants that will total ~455,000 sf for the entire project area.
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City of Manteca Union Crossing
City of Manteca Union Crossing EIR
City of Manteca Union Crossing EIR
City of Manteca Union Crossing EIR