California High-Speed Rail Bakersfield to Palmdale Project Section Draft EIR/EIS

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SCH Number
Lead Agency
High Speed Rail Authority, California (California High Speed Rail Authority)
Document Title
California High-Speed Rail Bakersfield to Palmdale Project Section Draft EIR/EIS
Document Type
JD - Joint Document
Project Applicant
California High-Speed Rail Authority
Present Land Use
urban [industrial, commercial, and residential], rural residential, agricultural, and undeveloped

Document Description
The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) certified a Statewide Program Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (BIR/EIS) (Tier 1) in November 2005 as the first phase of a tiered environmental review process for the proposed California High-Speed Rail (HSR) system planned to provide a reliable, high-speed, electric-powered rail system that links the major metropolitan areas of the state and that delivers predictable and consistent travel times. A further objective is to provide an interface with commercial airports, mass transit, and the highway network and to relieve capacity constraints of the existing transportation system as increases in intercity travel demand in California occur, in a manner sensitive to and protective of California's unique natural resources. Based on the Program EIR/EIS, the Authority selected preferred corridors and station locations to advance for additional study. The Authority has prepared a Draft BIR/EIS that further examines the Bakersfield to Palmdale Project Section at the project level (Tier 2), within Kern and Los Angeles counties. The proposed project is construction and operation of a grade-separated, dedicated double-track, electric powered, passenger, steel-wheel-on-steel-rail, high-speed railroad between Bakersfield and Palmdale, including a station in Bakersfield ( approved by the Authority under CEQA in October 2018 and under NEPA in November 2019) and a station in Palmdale. The Bakersfield to Palmdale Project Section is approximately 80 miles in length and traverses valley, mountain, and high desert terrain, as well as urban, rural, and agricultural lands. From the north, this project section begins at the approved Bakersfield Station and travels south and southeast through the Tehachapi Mountains, then descends into the Antelope Valley, where it terminates at the proposed Palmdale Station.

Contact Information
Mark A. McLoughlin
California High-Speed Rail Authority
770 L Street, Suite 620 MS-1
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone : (916) 403-6934


Bakersfield Mojave Palmdale, Lancaster, Rosamond Tehachapi
Kern Los Angeles
Total Acres
~80 miles
State Highways
58, 14,204, 178,184,202, 138
Other Location Info
Coordinates: City of Bakersfield 35°23'25.90"N and 119° 0'58.97"W City of Palmsdale 34°33'47.8" N, -118°6'55.4"W Waterways: Kem River, Eul Side Canal, Celienle, Clear, Tweedy, Tehachapi, Amargosa, and Oak Creeks, Los Angeles Aqueduct Airports: Tehachapi Municipal, Pontius Airport, Palmdale Regional

Notice of Completion

Review Period Start
Review Period End
Development Type
Transportation (High-Speed Rail)
Local Action
Public Works
Project Issues
Aesthetic/Visual Agricultural Land Air Quality Archaeologic-Historic Biological Resources Drainage/Absorption Economics/Jobs Fiscal Impacts Flood Plain/Flooding Forest Land/Fire Hazard Geologic/Seismic Minerals Noise Population/Housing Balance Public Services Recreation/Parks Schools/Universities Sewer Capacity Soil Erosion/Compaction/Grading Solid Waste Toxic/Hazardous Traffic/Circulation Vegetation Water Quality Water Supply Wetland/Riparian Growth Inducing Land Use Cumulative Effects EMI/EMF
Reviewing Agencies
California Air Resources Board California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Habitat Conservation Planning California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marin Region 7 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection California Department of Parks and Recreation California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery California Department of State Parks, Division of Boating and Waterways California Department of Transportation, District 7 California Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics California Department of Transportation, Division of Transportation Planning California Department of Water Resources California Energy Commission California Governor's Office of Emergency Services California Native American Heritage Commission California Natural Resources Agency California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Fresno Region 5 California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Lahontan Victorville Region 6 California Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy California State Lands Commission Central Valley Flood Protection Board Department of Corrections Department of Food and Agriculture Department of General Services Office of Historic Preservation San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Quality State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights State Water Resources Control Board, Divison of Financial Assistance Department of Toxic Substances Control California Department of Transportation, District 9 California Public Utilities Commission California Highway Patrol California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Central Region 4 California Department of Transportation, District 6 California Department of Conservation California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region 5


Environmental Document
_2009082062 Memo   PDF 162 K _2009082062_Memo   PDF 2631 K NOA   PDF 201 K V1-00 Cover Page   PDF 263 K V1-01 Signiture Page   PDF 115 K V1-02 Table of Contents   PDF 398 K V1-03 Summary   PDF 3852 K V1-04 CH 1 Proejct Purpose Need Objectives   PDF 2957 K V1-05 CH 2 Alternatives   PDF 16493 K V1-06 CH 3   PDF 863 K V1-07 CH 3   PDF 5526 K V1-08 CH 3   PDF 9878 K V1-09 CH 3   PDF 1740 K V1-10 CH 3   PDF 820 K V1-11 CH 3   PDF 4013 K V1-12 CH 3   PDF 3070 K V1-13 CH 3   PDF 4790 K V1-14 CH 3   PDF 9503 K V1-15 CH 3   PDF 2739 K V1-16 CH 3   PDF 28242 K V1-17 CH 3   PDF 3334 K V1-18 CH 3   PDF 1372 K V1-19 CH 3   PDF 4871 K V1-20 CH 3   PDF 10689 K V1-21 CH 3   PDF 38964 K V1-22 CH 3   PDF 5295 K V1-23 CH 3   PDF 1309 K V1-24 CH 3   PDF 1000 K V1-25 CH 4 Section 4f 6f Evaluations   PDF 23114 K V1-26 CH 5 Environmental Justice   PDF 3774 K V1-27 CH 6 Project Costs Operations   PDF 2355 K V1-28 CH 7 Other CEQA NEPA Considerations   PDF 1402 K V1-29 CH 8 Preferred Alternative Station Sites   PDF 822 K V1-30 CH 9 Public Agency Involvement   PDF 16164 K V1-31 CH 10 EIR EIS Distribution   PDF 333 K V1-32 CH 11 List of Preparers   PDF 297 K V1-33 CH 12 References   PDF 1663 K V1-34 CH 13 Glossary of Terms   PDF 585 K V1-35 CH 14 Index   PDF 371 K V1-36 CH 15 Acronyms Abbreviations   PDF 924 K V2-00 Cover   PDF 245 K V2-01 Table of Contents   PDF 115 K V2-02 APP 2-A Road Crossings Closures Detours   PDF 378 K V2-03 APP 2-B Railroad Crossings   PDF 226 K V2-04 APP 2-C Operations Service Plan   PDF 1430 K V2-05 APP 2-D Applicable Design Standards   PDF 341 K V2-06 APP 2-E Impact Avoidance Minimization Features   PDF 487 K V2-07 APP 2-F Summary Requirements Maintenance Facilities   PDF 2758 K V2-08 APP 2-G Emergency Safety Plans   PDF 221 K V2-09 APP 2-H Detailed Plan Consistency Analysis   PDF 2231 K V2-10 APP 2-I DRECP Applicability Analysis   PDF 1566 K V2-11 APP 3   PDF 773 K V2-12 APP 3   PDF 6126 K V2-13 APP 3   PDF 3159 K V2-14 APP 3   PDF 43280 K V2-15 APP 3   PDF 466 K V2-16 APP 3   PDF 10429 K V2-17 APP 3   PDF 2096 K V2-18 APP 3   PDF 1396 K V2-19 APP 3   PDF 32425 K V2-20 APP 3   PDF 32106 K V2-21 APP 3   PDF 38280 K V2-22 APP 3   PDF 27775 K V2-23 APP 3   PDF 14909 K V2-24 APP 3   PDF 20949 K V2-25 APP 3   PDF 5790 K V2-26 APP 3   PDF 652 K V2-27 APP 3   PDF 403 K V2-28 APP 3   PDF 8682 K V2-29 APP 3   PDF 4474 K V2-30 APP 3   PDF 2508 K V2-31 APP 3   PDF 14182 K V2-32 APP 3   PDF 2696 K V2-33 APP 3   PDF 2542 K V2-34 APP 3   PDF 3754 K V2-35 APP 5-A Environmental Justice Figures Part 1 of 2   PDF 23265 K V2-36 APP 5-A Environmental Justice Figures Part 2 of 2   PDF 13269 K V2-37 APP 5-B Environmental Justice Outreach Plan   PDF 1250 K V2-38 APP 5-C Key Environmental Justice Stakeholder Outreach Meetings   PDF 608 K V2-39 APP 6-A HSR Operating Maintenance Cost for Use in EIR EIS Project Level Analysis   PDF 4252 K V2-40 APP 6-B PEPD Draft Capital Cost Estimate Report   PDF 2098 K V2-41 APP 8-A Bakersfield to Palmdale Alignment Alternatives Analysis   PDF 1962 K V2-42 APP 8-B Concurrence Letters Part 1 of 2   PDF 40341 K V2-43 APP 8-B Concurrence Letters Part 2 of 2   PDF 40337 K V3-00 Cover   PDF 5764 K V3-01 User Guide   PDF 9266 K V3-02 Book1 CH0 Part 1 of 4   PDF 41506 K V3-03 Book1 CH0 Part 2 of 4   PDF 48397 K V3-04 Book1 CH0 Part 3 of 4   PDF 23780 K V3-05 Book1 CH0 Part 4 of 4   PDF 17639 K V3-06 Book1 CH1 Part 1 of 5   PDF 42390 K V3-07 Book1 CH1 Part 2 of 5   PDF 43583 K V3-08 Book1 CH1 Part 3 of 5   PDF 41202 K V3-09 Book1 CH1 Part 4 of 5   PDF 40343 K V3-10 Book1 CH1 Part 5 of 5   PDF 43590 K V3-11 Book1 CH2 Part 1 of 2   PDF 9626 K V3-12 Book1 CH2 Part 2 of 2   PDF 17209 K V3-13 Book1 CH3 Part 1 of 2   PDF 44001 K V3-14 Book1 CH3 Part 2 of 6   PDF 45939 K V3-15 Book1 CH3 Part 3 of 6   PDF 45728 K V3-16 Book1 CH3 Part 4 of 6   PDF 45497 K V3-17 Book1 CH3 Part 5 of 6   PDF 43238 K V3-18 Book1 CH3 Part 6 of 6   PDF 40160 K V3-19 Book1 CH4 Part 1 of 4   PDF 44494 K V3-20 Book1 CH4 Part 2 of 4   PDF 37040 K V3-21 Book1 CH4 Part 3 of 4   PDF 36354 K V3-22 Book1 CH4 Part 4 of 4   PDF 34288 K V3-23 Book1 CH5 Part 1 of 2   PDF 46861 K V3-24 Book1 CH5 Part 2 of 2   PDF 46122 K V3-25 Book1 CH6   PDF 33485 K V3-26 Book1 CH7 Part 1 of 2   PDF 29890 K V3-27 Book1 CH7 Part 2 of 2   PDF 27578 K V3-28 Book1 CH8 Part 1 of 2   PDF 39526 K V3-29 Book1 CH8 Part 2 of 2   PDF 31931 K V3-30 Book1 CH9   PDF 37044 K V3-31 Book1 CH10 Part 1 of 4   PDF 46661 K V3-32 Book1 CH10 Part 2 of 4   PDF 46570 K V3-33 Book1 CH10 Part 3 of 4   PDF 42500 K V3-34 Book1 CH10 Part 4 of 4   PDF 40366 K V3-35 Book2 CH1 JB   PDF 34119 K V3-36 Book2 CH2   PDF 29996 K V3-37 Book3 CH1 JB   PDF 33172 K V3-38 Book3 CH2   PDF 24920 K V3-39 Book3 CH3   PDF 42531 K V3-40 Book3 CH4   PDF 30759 K V3-41 Book3 CH5   PDF 29817 K V3-42 Book4 CH1   PDF 47509 K V3-43 Book4 CH2   PDF 24689 K V3-44 Book4 CH3   PDF 45083 K
NOC   PDF 1363 K
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2009082062_Caltrans Comment   PDF 192 K 2009082062_Caltrans Comment   PDF 156 K 2009082062_CDFW Comment   PDF 456 K 2009082062_CDFW Comment   PDF 843 K 2009082062_CDFW Comments   PDF 500 K 2009082062_CHP Comment   PDF 671 K 2009082062_Conservation Comment   PDF 958 K 2009082062_CPUC Comment   PDF 205 K 2009082062_DTSC_California High-Speed Rail Bakersfield to Palmdale Project Section Draft EIR EIS   PDF 1924 K

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