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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2023050142 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) State Route 1 Drainage System Restoration Project
2023050141 San Mateo County Grading and construction of a new 2,466 sq. ft., two -story single-family residence with an attached 400 sq. ft. garage on a 5,533 sq. ft. size parcel
2023050140 City of Temecula Auto Body of Temecula
2023050139 Madera County Seminole Avenue Emergency Repairs (ID#5)
2023050138 Madera County John Road West Emergency Repairs (ID#7)
2023050137 Madera County Jean Road East Emergency Repairs (ID#8)
2023050136 Madera County Road 222 Emergency Repairs (ID#9)
2023050135 Madera County Sutton Drive Emergency Repairs (ID#10)
2023050134 Madera County Avenue 7 Emergency Repairs (ID#11)
2023050133 Madera County Avenue 9 Emergency Repairs (ID#12)
2023050132 Madera County Silver Spur Circle Emergency Repairs (ID#14)
2023050131 Madera County Road 225 Emergency Repairs (ID#15)
2023050130 Madera County Road 274 Emergency Repairs (ID#16)
2023050129 Madera County Road 223 Emergency Repairs (ID#17)
2023050128 Madera County Road 417 Emergency Repairs (ID#6)
2023050127 Lake County Lake Coco Farms, UP 20-58, Commercial Cannabis Project
2023050126 Madera County Erie Road Emergency Repairs (ID#4)
2023050125 California Department of Parks and Recreation Renewed Leased Space
2023050124 Madera County Dogwood Creek Drive Emergency Repairs (ID#3)
2023050123 Madera County Road 23 Emergency Repairs (ID#2)
2023050122 Madera County Road 28 1/2 Emergency Repairs (ID#1)
2023050121 City of Vista P23-0142 - T-MOBILE - SMARTLINK
2023050120 San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority Osuna Segment of Coast to Crest Trail
2023050119 California Department of Parks and Recreation Rochin Adobe Porch Repair
2023050118 California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) Cannavision Laboratories
2023050117 City of Sacramento 8430 Rovana Circle CUP Minor Modification (Z20-006)
2023050116 City of Sacramento 8135/8137 Elder Creek Road Cultivation Facility CUP (Z17-029) and Minor Modification (Z19-096)
2023050115 City of Sacramento 8131 37th Avenue Cultivation Facility CUP (Z17-110)
2023050114 City of Sacramento 7933 Butte Avenue Manufacturing Facility CUP (Z19-004)
2023050113 City of Sacramento 6955 Luther Drive Manufacturing Facility CUP (Z17-221)
2023050112 City of Sacramento 8550 Unsworth Avenue Delivery-Only Dispensary CUP (Z20-099)
2023050111 City of Sacramento 8521 Younger Creek Drive Manufacturing Facility CUP (Z17-095)
2023050110 City of Sacramento 8520 Morrison Creek Drive Cultivation Facility CUP (Z18-022)
2023050109 City of Sacramento 8516 Fruitridge Road Cultivation Facility CUP (Z17-030)
2023050108 City of Sacramento 8510 & 8520 Thys Court Cultivation Facility CUP (Z17-087)
2023050107 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Coast Region 5 (CDFW) Upper Turner Ditch Cleanout Project
2016041093 City of Los Angeles Hollywood Community Plan Update
2023050106 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Streambed Alteration Agreement No. EPIMS-MEN-40037-R1 for Timber Harvesting Plan (THP) 1-23-00005-MEN
2023030759 Napa County Duckhorn Vineyards Winery Use Permit Major Modification
2023050105 City of Perris Westport Perris Industrial Project
2023050104 California Department of Transportation, District 4 (DOT) REPAIR ROADWAY- 3Y500/0423000254
2020039032 Department of Toxic Substances Control Seventh Revised Draft Remedial Action Plan, Station East Voluntary Cleanup Agreement Area, Union City
2013111063 City of Wildomar Wildomar Commerce Center Project (Rancon Project PA 12-0053)
2006012091 City of Alameda Alameda Landing Waterfront Master Plan and Bay37 Development Plan Amendment
2006012091 City of Alameda Alameda Landing Waterfront Master Plan and Bay37 Development Plan Amendment
2023050103 City of Palm Springs Palm Springs MDP Storm Drain Line 20, Stage 3
2023050102 City of Temecula 76 Service Station CUP/PCN
2017021024 City of Los Angeles Downtown Community Plan Update/New Zoning Code for Downtown Community Plan
2023050101 Irvine Unified School District Creekside Education Center Music Storage
2023050100 City of Clovis GPA2022-001 & R2022-001
2023050099 City of Sacramento Leisure Lane /Expo Parkway Gas Station and Retail Project (P22-037)
2022060365 California Department of Transportation, District 6 (DOT) Maricopa Highway Capital Maintenance Project (Notification No. EPIMS-KER-35971-R4)
2022080663 City of Palmdale SPR 22-012
2021050418 City of Visalia Carleton Acres Specific Plan
2023050098 Irvine Unified School District El Camino Relocatable Addition
2023050097 Irvine Ranch Water District Santiago Creek Dam Outlet Tower and Spillway Improvements Project
2022050327 City of Moorpark Moorpark General Plan 2050 Program Environmental Impact Report
2023050096 Irvine Unified School District Portola High School Relocatable Addition
2023050095 Irvine Unified School District Jeffrey Trail Middle School Relocatable Addition
2023050094 Irvine Unified School District Eastwood Elementary School Relocatable Addition
2023050093 Irvine Unified School District Loma Ridge Elementary School Villa Addition
2023050092 Irvine Unified School District Oak Creek Elementary School Relocatable Addition
2023050091 Irvine Unified School District Turtle Rock Elementary School Relocatable Addition
2023050090 Irvine Unified School District Portola Springs Elementary School Relocatable Addition
2023020357 Oakdale Irrigation District Transfer of Water by Oakdale Irrigation District and South San Joaquin Irrigation District to Stockton East Water District
2023020234 City of Moreno Valley Cottonwood & Edgemont Project
2016092016 Siskiyou County KIDDER CREEK ORCHARD CAMP ZONE CHANGE (Z-14-01) AND USE PERMIT (UP-11-15)