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Station East Residential/Mixed Use Project
The project site is currently occupied by existing and vacant industrial uses (totaling approximately 86,500 square feet [sf]), surface parking lots, and disked fields. The project proposes the demolition of the buildings and surface parking lots and development of up to 1.8 million sf, including 974 new residential units (apartments, condominiums, and townhome-style condominiums referred to in the Draft EIR as townhomes) and approximately 30,800 sf of commercial space. The project site would include 11 planning areas (PAs) with 33 residential buildings and one community building. Most of the 34 proposed buildings would be between three and five stories tall. Vehicular access to the project site would be via Decoto Road on the north side of the project site, 7th Street on the east side of the project site, and Bradford Way and Zwissig Way on the south side of the project site. One linear paseo (Paseo C) would extend through the southern portion of the project site in the east-west direction. Three community parks, one tot lot, and one outdoor amphitheater would be located throughout the project site. In addition, urban plazas would be located near the proposed commercial uses in PA 1. Pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular access would be provided throughout the project site. The proposed project would include approximately 1,791 parking spaces for vehicles (including 190 on-street surface stalls) and 458 parking spaces for bicycles, both long term (i.e., bike storage facilities) and short term (i.e., bicycle racks), and other vehicle, pedestrian, and bicyclist improvements. Construction of the proposed project would begin in mid-2021 and occur in two phases over approximately 4.5 years, with anticipated completion in late 2025.
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California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Seventh Revised Draft Remedial Action Plan, Station East Voluntary Cleanup Agreement Area, Union City
Union City Station East Residential/Mixed Use Project
Union City Station East Residential/Mixed Use Project
Union City Station East Residential/Mixed Use Project
Union City Station East Residential/Mixed Use Project