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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2014052038 Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency North Sacramento Streams Levee Accreditation Project (Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2016-0165-R2)
2013081079 Kern County 6 New Well Applications the Lost Hills Oil Field
2019038287 Cal Fire Greeley Hill Fuel Treatment
2019038279 California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Northern and Eureka Region 1 (CDFW) Issuance of Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No.1600-2019-0104-R1, Diversion of Unnamed Tributary to Dobbyn Creek
2019038271 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Silica Networks 2216 Kausen Drive Service Connection Project
2019038270 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2019 Craftsman Floors
2019038272 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2019 Lift and Transfer
2019038273 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2019 LMI
2019038274 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Sonic 2019 Loring SR
2019038276 Kern County PLN19-00580
2019038277 Kern County PLN 19-00582
2019038278 Kern County PLN 19-00559
2019038280 Kern County PLN19-00540
2019038281 Kern County PLN 19-00550
2019038282 Kern County PLN19-00561
2019038283 Kern County PLN19-00558
2019038284 Kern County PLN19-00549
2019038285 Kern County PLN19-00539
2019038286 Kern County PLN 19-00524
2019038288 Kern County PLN19-00496
2019038289 Kern County PLN 19-00534
2019038291 Kern County PLN19-00537
2019038292 Kern County PLN19-00508
2019038293 Kern County PLN 19-00555
2019038294 Kern County PLN 19-00556
2019038295 Kern County PLN19-00557
2019038296 Kern County PLN 19-00451
2019038297 Kern County PLN19-00547
2019038298 Kern County PLN19-00515
2019038299 Kern County PLN19-00548
2019038300 Kern County PLN19-00538
2019038301 Kern County PLN19-00529
2019038302 LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency Goleta Layover Facility Improvements
2019038304 California Department of Transportation, District 3 West Liberty Road Emergency Signal EA 03-4H930 (EFIS 0319000321)
2019038290 California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Division of Safety of Dams - Dam Safety Program -Annual Fees
2013081079 Kern County WST Aera 052-0038
2019039075 City of Lancaster Tentative Tract Map No. 74101/Conditional Use Permit No. 16-09
2019039073 Los Angeles Unified School District McKinley Avenue Elementary School Comprehensive Modernization Project
1997082020 City of South Lake Tahoe The Chateaus at South Lake Tahoe
2019039071 City of Fontana Goodman Logistics Center Fontona III
2019039074 City of San Jose Winchester Ranch Residential Project (File Nos. GP18-014 and PDC18-037)
2019039072 City of San Mateo Concar Passage Mixed-Use Project