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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2004012113 Alameda County Creekside Highlands - Vesting Tentative Tract Map TR-7270 - 25329 Second Street, Unincorporated Hayward
2003101060 City of Aliso Viejo Aliso Viejo General Plan
2003121008 California Department of Transportation, District 11 Route 163 Corridor Management Plan
2003012073 California Department of Transportation, District 3 Realign Highway 20
1988121413 California Department of Transportation, Headquarters I-8/Imperial Avenue Reconstruction Project
1999011023 City of Carlsbad Villages of La Costa Greens Neighborhoods 1.11, 1.13 and 1.14
2002061128 City of Costa Mesa 1901 Newport Plaza Residences (Draft EIR No. 1050)
2004019044 Department of Developmental Services General Plan Amendment (GPA 03-02) and Zone Code Amendment (ZA 03/03)
2002079013 California Energy Commission Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility
2002079050 California Energy Commission Tracy Peaker Project
2001059004 California Energy Commission Otay Mesa Generating Project (Docket No. 99-AFC-5)
2002039001 California Energy Commission GWF Henrietta Peaker Project
2004012114 City of Eureka Drive-thru Window for 5th Street Plaza Coffeehouse
2004018277 Department of General Services (DGS) TNC, Flint-Brayton Farms Sacramento River Park Acquisition
2003041127 Inyo County U.S. Borax, Owens Lake Expansion Project/Conditional Use Permit #02-13/Reclamation Plan #02-1
2004011117 Irvine Ranch Water District University Drive and Campus Drive Sewer Rehabilitation Project at UC Irvine
2004018281 Kern County Conditional Use Permit Case No. 18, Map No. 206
2004018284 Kern County Conditional Use Permit Case No. 15, Map No. 102-14
2003081050 Kern County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) #26
2004018286 Kern County Tentative Tract No. 6123 (Type A- Bakersfield) (Zoning Map No. 103-34
2004018283 Kern County Conditional Use Permit Case No. 3, Map No. 109
2004018282 Kern County Conditional Use Permit Case No.22, Map No. 79-21
2004018285 Kern County Conditional Use Permit Case No. 52, Map No. 123-1
2004019041 Lake County Howell Bridge Project IS 03-81
1999091108 City of Long Beach Long Beach Sports Park
2004011108 Los Angeles County Pacific Concourse Project
2004011112 Los Angeles County CUP/ OTP 03-280 to 03-283, 03-290 and 03-292 Wireless Facilities
2004011105 Los Angeles County Marin Del Rey Water Quality Improvement Project
2004012115 Marin Municipal Water District Algae Control Program
1999082041 City of Modesto P-CUP-03-019-CUP-Sonic
1999082041 City of Modesto P-CUP-03-017
1999082041 City of Modesto P-PPR-03-006; SKW Ofice Addition Plot Plan
1990020181 City of Modesto CUP for Cingular Wireless for Additional Antenna Appparatus on Existing Tower (P-CUP-03-014)
2004011119 Monterey County Carmel Valley Ranch Vesting Tentative Map for Development of 12 Lots and Extinguishment of 11 Lots of Record Located Elsewhere in the Specific Plan
2003122095 Napa County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) (LAFCO) American Canyon Sphere of Influence Update
2004011110 National City National City Downtown Specific Plan
2003121058 North Bakersfield Recreation and Park District (NBRPD) Polo Community Park Development
2003121058 North Bakersfield Recreation and Park District (NBRPD) Polo Community Park Development
2004011120 City of Pacific Grove Tidestrom's Lupine
2004011109 Perris Elementary School District New East Perris Elementary School Project
2003081052 City of Placentia Amendment No. 2 to the Placentia Redevelopment Project Area
2000082110 Placer County Atwood Ranch Unit 3
2002122071 Placer County DeWitt Government Center Facility Plan (2003-2010)
2001042093 Placer County Hopkins Ranch (EIAQ-3595)
2004019040 City of Pomona Tentative Tract Map TTM 03-009
2004012116 City of Redding Memory Park Subdivision and Planned Development
2003112012 City of Rio Dell City of Ril Dell General Plan 2015 - Land Use Element & Housing Element Updates
2004011111 Riverside County Tentative Tract Map No. 31644/Change of Zone No. 06880/Agricultural Preserve No. 00908
2004019037 Riverside County E.A. Number:38992 TR31148
2004019038 Riverside County EA 39147 CUP3405 / PM31623 / VAR1747
2004011115 San Benito County Rodriguez Subdivision MS 1130-03
2004018279 San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District Rules: Rule 4604 (Can and Coil Coating Operations) Amended January 15, 2004
2004011106 City of Santa Ana Santa Ana Stadium Water Well Project
2004011118 Santa Barbara County Isla Vista Parking Program
2004019036 City of Shasta Lake Use Permit 03-07; General Plan Amendment GPA 03-02; Rezone Z 03-02
2004019045 State Water Resources Control Board Application for a Temporary Permit to Appropriate Water from the Carmel River - Application #T031449
2003122115 City of Tiburon Trestle Glen Bikeway Project
2004012117 Department of Toxic Substances Control Renewal of Hazardous Waste Facility Permit for U.S. Department of Energy / Sandia National Laboratories
2003111087 Department of Toxic Substances Control Aliso Street Sector A East Parcel Site Remediation Project
2004018278 Department of Toxic Substances Control U.S. Department of Energy, Lead Impacted Soil Removal Workplan, Drill Site Number 26, Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 2
2003111094 Department of Toxic Substances Control Aliso Street Sector A West Parcel Site Remediation Project
2004011107 City of Tulare Conditional Use Permit 2003-26 Tire Recycling
2003042133 University of California Santa Cruz Ranch View Terrace
2004011116 City of Visalia Property Acquisition of Approximately 10.66 acres of Land by the City of Visalia for a Future Neighborhood Park, Storm Water Basin, Road Right-of-Way...
2004011113 Vista Unified School District New Vista Dual Magnet High Schools - Highway 76/Melrose Drive Site
2004012112 Town of Windsor Town of Windsor Russian River Water Supply Facility Improvements - Well 11
2004011114 City of Yorba Linda Friends Christian High School
2004018280 Fish & Game #3 Culvert Repair/Replacement