Friday, November 1, 2002

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2002112002 Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG) SR 99 Auxiliary Lane Project Between SR 32 & E. 1st Ave., Chico, CA
1992062069 California City Housing Element Update of the California City General Plan
2002118005 California Department of Transportation, District 8 State Route 62 Shoulder Widening
2002118006 California Department of Transportation, District 8 State Route 138 Highway Improvements
2002082102 California Department of Transportation, Headquarters U.S. Route 97 Roadway Realignment
2002118014 California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) Riggio Offer to Dedicate
2002118004 California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) Glass Beach Acquisition
2002111002 City of Colton Pacific Rail Metal Shredding Operation
2002118003 California Department of Employment Development (EDD) Prunedale One Stop
2002111006 City of Escondido ER 2000-22, 2000-26-Cup, 2000-04 Az (Palomar Family YMCA)
2002112001 City of Fremont Fremont Industrial Project Area Redevelopment Plan Amendment
2002111004 Glendale Redevelopment Agency 200 Burchett Street Office Project
2002042035 City of Lafayette Revision of the Lafayette General Plan
2002111001 Los Angeles County CUP 02-120 15001 Crenshaw Boulevard, El Camino Village, CA 90249
2000011075 City of Los Angeles Lower Owens River Project
2002062084 Marin County Pearce Land Division and Design Review
2002081126 Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority 21,000 Mulholland Park and Trailhead Facility
2002112003 City of Point Arena Wasserman Rezone (AE-20 to RA-2)
2002118001 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 2 (San Francisco Bay), Oakland Rescission of Waste Discharge Requirements, Order Number 97-119 and Order Number 97-120, for Caterpillar, Inc.
2002112004 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery Regulations for the Waiver of Permit Terms and Conditions During Temporary Emergencies.
2000052093 City of Sacramento 65th Street Office Project (P00-085)
2002081030 Council of San Benito County Governments San Benito County Bikeway and Pedestrian Master Plan
2002081128 San Bernardino County Jacobson Mine and Reclamation Plan
2001111085 San Diego County Holmes Tentative Parcel Map, TPM 20509RPL
2002071149 San Diego County Nextel Communications - Old Castle Telecommunications Facility, ZAP 01-105, Log No. 01-02-039
1997121066 San Diego County Sycamore Ranch Golf Course Major Use Permit Modification; MUP97-004W
2000012080 City and County of San Francisco 450 Rhode Island Mixed-Use Project
2002082052 Shasta County TR 1856
2002118002 California Tahoe Conservancy Transfer of Coverage to El Dorado County APN 22-301-22 (Niswander)
2002031115 University of California, Los Angeles UCLA 2002 Long Range Development Plan
2002111003 University of California San Diego Student Academic Services Facility
2002118015 Department of Veterans Affairs Lease for Relocation of the Concord cal-Vet District Office to Fairfield
1991021064 City of Vista PC23-185, Amendment 2 -- Directed Electronics Addition
2002118007 Fish & Game #2 Pond Cleanout
2002119003 Fish & Game #3 Graves Creek Tributary Bridge Replacement
2002118010 Fish & Game #3 John Muir Fishing Pier
2002118013 Fish & Game #3 Eucalyptus Tree Removal, San Luis Creek
2002119004 Fish & Game #3 Santa Ysabel Creek Bridge Construction
2002118009 Fish & Game #3 San Anselmo Creek Concrete Piers and Rip-Rap Installation
2002118012 Fish & Game #3 Maintenance Culvert Cleaning
2002118011 Fish & Game #3 Lark Avenue and Blossom Hill Road Seismic Retrofit
2002118008 Fish & Game #3 Austin Creek-Tyrrell Property Restoration
2002118000 Fish & Game #5 Pacific Custom Materials