Friday, November 9, 2001

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2000122075 Alturas Rancheria Bingo Hall Addition
2001111078 Beaumont Unified School District Construction of Deutsch Elementary School #2
2001111080 Beaumont Unified School District Construction of Deutsch Elementary School #1
2001081059 California Department of Transportation, District 6 06-KER-58 EA 396800 Construction of the Cache Creek Maintenance Station in Kern County
2001112039 California Central Power Agency No. 1 Coldwater Creek Road Deactivation Plan - Hughes/Garrett Property Line to Kelsey Creek
2001118114 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Dobbins Forest Fire Station - Residence Removal
2001061088 Glendale Redevelopment Agency Glendale Embassy Suites Hotel
2001112024 Glenn County Conditional Use Permit and Reclamation Plan #2000-06, Baldwin Contracting Company
2001111083 City of Los Angeles ENV-2001-3625
2001112043 City of Milpitas Jones Chemical
2001112045 Natomas Unified School District Natomas Unified School District Witter Ranch Elementary School Site Acquisition and New Construction Project
1997051037 City of Oceanside Morro Hills Village and Golf Course
2001118118 California Department of Parks and Recreation Reroof/Repair Equipment Shed and Horse Barn
2001118116 California Department of Parks and Recreation Map Panels
2001118115 California Department of Parks and Recreation Entrance Sign
2001118119 California Department of Parks and Recreation California State Park System Plan
2001118117 California Department of Parks and Recreation Parking Lot Signs
2001111081 California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Malaga Well Number 3
2001112046 Sacramento Municipal Utility District Upper American River Project Recreation Development Phase 4
2001118112 City of Sacramento Leasing of New Office Space, Project Number 110926
2001119014 San Bernardino County CUP/M21-52N.00/APN: 0356-131-49
2001119017 San Bernardino County GPA/TT16194/W141-82/01/APN: 0230-041-68
2001119015 San Bernardino County GPA/W149-88/00/APN: 0231-081-01
2001119013 San Bernardino County Ordinance To Amend Title 8 of the San Bernardino County Code Relative Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
2001119016 San Bernardino County GPA/16194/W141-82/01/APN: 0230-041-68
2001111084 San Diego County TM 5210, Log No. 00-14-027; Peterson Subdivision
2000011040 San Diego County Lake San Marcos Estates
2001111085 San Diego County Holmes Minor Residential Subdivision TPM 20509RPL: ER #00-14-012
2001081010 San Diego County TPM 20368; Log No. 99-08-026
2001118120 City of Santa Clarita Pardee House Tentant Improvements
2001111082 City of Santa Paula Santa Paula Memorial Hospital Assisted Living
2001042099 Sierra Lakes County Water District Construction of Water Storage Tank and Water Treatment Plant Improvements
2001112037 Siskiyou County Tom and Janice Ball Use Permit
2001112038 Siskiyou County Ronald and Linda Andresen
2001112041 City of South Lake Tahoe Bijou/A1 Tahoe Community Plan Proposed Amendment, Bijou District Addition of Time Share Use
2001118113 State Water Resources Control Board Lease of Office Space
2001072111 Tehama County Tehama County 2001 Regional Transportation Plan
2001118121 Tranquillity Irrigation District Community of Tranquility Water Tank Replacement
2001112040 City of Truckee Pine Forest at Truckee Residential Subdivision
2001111079 Tulare County Special Use Permit Case PSP 01-090 (ZA)
2001112044 University of California Santa Cruz Engineering Building
2001112042 City of Woodland Home Depot Mixed Industrial Center
2001118122 Fish & Game #2 Dobbas Bridge