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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2008112032 Humboldt County Frank Subdivision
2008042066 Humboldt County Golf Subdivision
2008021046 City of Imperial Beach MF 996: Imperial Beach Sand Campatibility and Opportunistic Use Program (SCOUP) Coastal Development Permit
2008031021 City of Chowchilla Chowchilla Heritage Welcome Center
2007101125 Los Angeles County North Los Angeles/Kern County Regional Recycled Water Master Plan
2008129012 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 4 (Los Angeles) Total Maximum Daily Load for Boron, Chloride, Sulfate, and TDS (Salts) in Calleguas Creek Watershed
2008129011 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 4 (Los Angeles) Total Maximum Daily Load for Bacteria in the Harbor Beaches of Ventura County (Kiddie Beach and Hobie Beach)
2008102066 Sacramento County Crestview Drive Culvert Improvement Project at Verde Cruz Creek
2007111070 San Diego County Water Authority Environmental Impact Report for the Tijuana River Valley Wetlands Mitigation Project
2008091103 City of Wasco Wasco Center
2008128292 San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Draft Amendments to rule 4607 (graphic Arts)
2008128289 San Benito County Purchase of 355 West Street (Fremont School) from the City of Hollister
2008128290 Newhall County Water District Rehabilitation Project - Castaic Reservoir No. 2
2008128293 City of Ross New Paddle Tennis Court
2008128291 California Department of Conservation (DOC) 801 K Street Expansion
2008128294 California Department of Transportation, District 1 Create Coastal Riparian Wetland Habitat
2008128295 California Department of Transportation, District 3 Highway Pavement Rehabilitation Project
2008122109 City of Milpitas Great Mall Certified Farmers' Market
2008122096 Sacramento County 7330 22nd Street Grading Permit
2008122104 Sacramento County Emerald Estates Specific Plan Amendment, Rezone, and Affordable Housing Plan
2008122101 Placer County Olson Construction Headquarters, Kings Beach (PMPB T20080193)
2008121110 San Luis Obispo County Donati Conditional Use Permit / DRC2006-00213
2008121112 San Luis Obispo County 1310 Las Tablas Conditional Use Permit/24,800 Square Foot Medical Office Building
2008122102 Santa Clara County Building Site Approval & Grading Approval
2008122097 Shasta County Elk Trail Area Annexation and Water System Improvements
2008122098 Trinity County Morton Rezone and Tentative Parcel Map P-08-03
2008122099 Napa County Michael Loughlin / Bin to Bottle, LLC Warehouse, Use Permit # P08-00435-UP
2008121108 City of Malibu 3314 Sierra Road
2008121111 City of Hesperia SPR-2008-50
2008121113 City of Los Angeles ENV-2007-4150-MND
2008122105 Browns Valley Irrigation District Dry Creek Tailwater Recovery Project
2008122100 Butte County Tentative Parcel Map for Glen and Annette Burge
2008121109 Kern County 5460 JRF 1-08, PD 5 & CUP 10, Map 77 (PP08258)
2007091048 City of Malibu 23915 Mailbu Road
2008024001 U.S. Postal Service Construction and Operation of an Incoming Mail Facility
2003101159 City of Loma Linda City of Loma Linda Draft General Plan
2007071056 Metropolitan Transportation Authority Canoga Transportation Corridor, Metro Orange Line Extension (North)
2003102128 Madera County Madera Quarry (CUP #2002-20)
2008122103 City of Tracy Holly Sugar Sports Park
2008121107 City of Santa Monica Colorado Creative Studio Project
2008104002 United States Air Force (USAF) Environmental Assessment for Flight Test to the Edge of Space