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Frank Parcel Map Subdivision and Special Permit
This project involves a minor subdivision of an approx. 31,911 sf. parcel into four parcels. The subject parcel is developed with legal non-conforming residences. Upon approval of the subdivision, all of the residences will be situated on separate, legal parcels and conform to all zoning regulations and setbacks. Proposed parcel 1 will be approx. 5,683 sf. and is developed with a single-residence and an attached secondary dwelling unit currently being rebuilt due to fire damage. The rebuild is being processed under building permit #08-0838B2. Proposed parcel 2 will be approx. 9,801 sf. and is developed with a single-family residence and an attached second dwelling unit. Proposed parcel 3 will be approx. 7,562 sf. and is developed with a single-family residence. Proposed parcel 4 will be approx. 6,182 sd. and is currently vacant. Besides improvements associated with the subdivision and the rebuild mentioned above, no new development is proposed at this time. Minimal grading is anticipated and one tree, within the proposed access road right of way is proposed to be removed as a part of this project. Water and sewer services are provided by the Humboldt Community Service Dist. A special permit is required for an exception to the minimum lot size requirement per Humboldt Co. Zoning Code Sec. 341-99.1.2 for proposed parcels 1 and 4 and for the secondary dwelling unit on proposed parcel 1. The secondary unit on proposed parcel 2 is principally permitted. The applicant has also requested approval of an exception to allow for a reduced frontage for proposed parcel 1 as well as an exception to the right of way width requirement per Sec. 325-9 of the subdivision regulations.
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Humboldt County Frank Subdivision
Humboldt County Frank Parcel Map Subdivision and Special Permit