Wednesday, November 13, 2002

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2002072012 California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) Bay Area Ridge Trail - Rector Trail
2002118176 California Department of Conservation (DOC) California Geological Survey, Timber Harvest Program Enforcement
2002112056 City of Elk Grove EG-02-285 Bilby Ranch
2002112058 City of Elk Grove EG-01-228 Backer Ranch Commercial
2002111058 City of Fullerton Euclid Street and Brookhurst Road at State Route 91
2002111061 City of Hanford Joyful Noise Productions
2002111069 City of Indian Wells GPA 2002-02, EA 2002-03, ZTA 2002-16, ZMA 2002-01
2001051048 City of Long Beach PacifiCenter
2002111060 Monterey County Castroville Storm Drain Master Plan
2002112057 City of Roseville Fry's Electronics
2002111063 City of San Bernardino Bobbitt Mausoleum and Cemetery
2002111057 City of San Clemente Sea Cliff Condominiums
2002111057 City of San Clemente Sea Cliff Condominiums
2002071059 San Diego Association of Governments TransNet 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Extension as Funding for MOBILITY 2030, Regional Transportation Plan
2002071125 San Diego County Aspel Tentative Parcel Map, TPM 20592, Log No. 01-02-005
2002111059 San Diego County Peterson Tentative Parcel Map TPM 20634RPL, Log No. 01-14-058
2002071149 San Diego County Nextel Communications - Old Castle Telecommunications Facility, ZAP 01-105, Log No. 01-02-039
2002112051 City and County of San Francisco Piers 27-31 Recreation, Retail, and Office Project
2002111062 San Luis Obispo County Winter D010022P
2002112055 Santa Cruz County Bailey Land Division
2002112050 City of Santa Cruz 1137 East Cliff Drive
2001082018 Sonoma County Los Guilucos Juvenile Hall Replacement Project
2002112054 Stanislaus County Rezone Application No. 2002-18 and Parcel Map Application No. 2002-27 - John F. Stewart
2000064004 United States Department of Energy Environmental Assessment for Transportation of Low Level Waste from the Oak Ridge Reservation to Offsite Treatment and Disposal Facilities
2002041162 City of Upland Alexander Communities General Plan Amendment, Zone Change and Tentative Tract Map
2002112053 City of Woodside Sewer Extension
2002118174 Fish & Game #3 Installation of Rip-Rap to Stop Erosion at a Culvert Outfill
2002118175 Fish & Game #3 Drainage Improvements to the Railroad Square Area of the City of Santa Rosa