Tuesday, January 13, 2004

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2003112113 Del Norte County Coastal Development Permit/B27455C
1998112011 Santa Clara County San Tomas Aquino Creek Train, Reach 2
2002122014 Santa Clara County Encina Gym/Arillaga Family, Recreation Center
2004019014 Riverside County EA 39099
2004019028 Riverside County EA 38862 GPA #644 / CZ #6738 / TR #30825
2004018149 Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 3 (Central Coast), San Luis Obispo Explanation of Significant Differences, Excavation and Segregation of Spent Ammunition from Soil, Site 39; Former Fort Ord, California
2004018146 Fish & Game #5 Streambed Alteration Agreement Concerning Various Streams Within the Sphere of the San Diego Metropolitan Sewer Service Area
2004018150 California Department of Transportation, District 2 State Highway Storm Repairs
2004018151 California Department of Transportation, District 3 Elm Street Ditch Repair
2004018148 City of Loma Linda Van Leuven Street Widening Project
2004018147 California Department of Parks and Recreation ADA Upgrades and Retrofit of the Sweetwood Group Camp.
2004012055 Placer County Walnut Orchard Subdivision (EIAG-3771)
2004012057 Town of Paradise Meyers Tentative Subdivision Map and Rezone Applications
2004011049 California Department of Parks and Recreation Doheny State Beach Lifeguard Headquarters and Visitor Center Replacement
2004011052 Los Angeles County Tentative Tract Map 54248
2004011053 Mariposa County Mariposa Skate Park
2004012056 City of Grass Valley Whiting Street Associated Residential Development and Subdivision
2004011054 City of La Mesa University Ave. Medians Improvement Project
2004011047 City of Adelanto Tentative Tract 13896
2004011045 City of Adelanto Location and Development Plan LDP 04-02, Conditional Use Permit CUP 04-02, and Parcel Map 16472
2004011046 City of Adelanto Location and Development Plan LDP 04-01, Conditional Use Permit CUP 04-01, and Parcel Map 16741
2004011050 City of Atascadero Pine Mountain Transfer of Development Rights
2004011051 San Benito County Zanger Minor Subdivision, Rezoning and Lot Line Adjustment - MS 1139-03, ZC90-80A, LLA 03-435
2003081121 City of Santa Maria Moretti Property 6B
2003102047 City of Santa Rosa City of Santa Rosa, Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Project
2002041111 California Department of Transportation, District 7 Third Main Track and Seven Grade Separations Project, BNSF
2004011055 Orange County Regional Landfill Options for Orange County (RELOOC) Strategic Plan
2003051006 City of Simi Valley PD-S-942/TT5411
2004011048 Sweetwater Authority Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment Plant Master Plan
2004012061 United States Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs Tuolumne Rancheria, Fee to Trust Project, 297.18 Acres