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Tuolumne Rancheria, Fee-to-Trust Action
The proposed action consists of several types of development for the proposed trust parcels. Residential development includes single-family housing for tribal members and a 30- to 40-room, 30,000 square-foot lodge for tribal guests. Lots will range from two to five acres in size, and approximately 62 lots are planned. Houses will range in size from approximately 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. A combined 12,000 square-foot tribal security and fire station is proposed to increase emergency response services on the Rancheria and nearby communities. The station would provide security, fire suppression, and emergency services for the Tribe, and would include approximately five firefighters and five security officers. A licensed paramedic would also be stationed at the facility. A 12,000 square-foot tribal senior center is also proposed for the Tribe's elders to use for meetings, recreation, and presentations. Lastly, several infrastructure projects are proposed to make developments on the proposed trust parcels possible, including paved road ways, water and wastewater lines, leach fields, and other utilities. All proposed roads would be paved with asphalt. Storm drains and curbs will be constructed to minimize erosion. Three open-space areas proposed to be set aside from development and managed under a Conservation Management Plan. These areas, totaling approximately 74.2 acres, contain sensitive biological and cultural resources that the Tribal Government considers important to conserve, and the Tribe has passed a resolution to protect these areas from development. A final component of the proposed action is to implement several mitigation measures and conservation policies to protect water, air, biological, cultural, and other resources. These policies include best management practices to protect water quality during construction and mitigation measures to minimize adverse effects to resources, protect resources during construction, and provide compensation where adverse effects cannot be avoided. The fee-to-trust conveyance consists of five parcels totaling 297.18 acres.
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United States Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs Tuolumne Rancheria, Fee-to-Trust Action
United States Department of the Interior, Indian Affairs Tuolumne Rancheria, Fee to Trust Project, 297.18 Acres