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West Modesto Sewer Infrastructure Project
The Beverly/Waverly neighborhood is located approx. 0.9 mile west of Hwy 99 and is accessible from Paradise Road. The Rouse/Colorado neighborhood is located approx. 0.6 mile west of Hwy 99 and is accessible from Tuolumne Blvd and Roselawn Avenue. The following street intersections and road segment are part of the project site; the CA/Marshall Avenue intersection; Paradise Road/Pine Tree intersection; and approx. 100' east of the Lombardy Drive/Ritsch Lane Intersection. The Spencer/Marshall, Beverly/Waverly, and Rouse/Colorado neighborhoods are disadvantaged communities located in west Modesto with predominantly residential parcels that currently rely on septic tanks of the treatment of sewage. The project is proposed in response to health and safety concerns associated with failing septic systems which could lead to the degradation of groundwater quality. The project will include the installation of a new sewer system with approx. 80,000 linear feet of sewer main and street reconstruction. The completed project will allow property owners to abandon their existing septic tanks and connect to a public sewer system. Upon completion of the project, project ownership will be transferred to the City of Modesto for operation and maintenance. Existing private septic systems and water services will remain active during project construction. No road closures are anticipated to occur and access to each residence will be maintained. Minor temporary detours for local traffic may take place. Temporary construction easements, utility easements, and encroachment permits may be needed on a limited basis to accommodate the installation of the proposed improvements. Construction for the Spencer/Marshall area is anticipated to last six months, for the Beverly/Waverly area eighteen months, and for the Rouse/Colorado area twelve months.
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Stanislaus County West Modesto Sewer Infrastructure Project
Stanislaus County West Modesto Sewer Infrastructure Project