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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2011092059 Contra Costa Water District Shortcut Pipeline Improvement Project
2008082060 East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) Estates Dam, No 31-10
2011011015 City of Huntington Beach Beach and Warner Mixed Use Project
2011011090 Lower Tule River Irrigation District Routine River/Slough Channel Clearing & Maintenance for Tule River & Porter Slough Within Tulare County, CA
2011112043 City of Petaluma Re-Authorization of the Caulfield Lane Railroad Crossing
2011101056 Reclamation District No. 108 RD 108 Groundwater Well Production Element Project
2002071059 San Diego Association of Governments Acquisition of State Route (SR) 125 toll road franchise lease/toll modifcations/TransNet Ordinance Amendment
2011101048 San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery Well Operation for Chevron USA, Inc.
2011102026 Sierra Lakes County Water District Petition for Extension of Time and Petition for Change Related to Application 20601
2008122025 Siskiyou County Jack Schreder/McCloud Springs Ranch Subdivision Map and Zone Change (TSM-06-04/Z-06-04)
2011112020 Zone 7 Water Agency Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Sanitary Sewer Pipeline Project
2003112039 Fish & Game #3 Habitat Management, Preservation, and Restoration Plan for the Suisun Marsh, Solano County, California
2011128220 Fish & Game #4 Stream Alteration Agreement No. 2011-0165-R4 for the installation of an 18-inch PVC water Pipe across the Tule River
2011128219 California Department of Parks and Recreation Alternative Camping Cabins
2011128221 City of Lemon Grove Voluntary Alternative Redevelopment Program for the City of Lemon Grove
2011121084 City of Hanford Traffic Signal Installation - Seventh Street at Mall Drive
2011122073 San Joaquin County Lucchesi Small Winery Site Approval (Lucca Winery) PA-1100122
2011121086 City of Livingston Gallo Annexation Project
2011121085 City of Yucca Valley Conditional Use Permit, CUP 06-11 Environmental Assessment EA 04-11 South Side Neighbor/Comm Park
2011121087 City of Rolling Hills Estates Peter Weber Equestrian Center Renovation Project
2001122087 Placer County Stillwater Ranch Watersports (PMPM 20110294)
2011122078 Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District Alexander Avenue/Danes Drive Intersection Improvement Project
2011122071 City of Livermore Springtown Wetland Mitigation
2008012004 El Dorado County Diamond Dorado Retail Center Project
2010042063 Santa Clara County Lehigh Permanente Quarry Reclamation Plan Amendment
2003112039 Fish & Game #3 Suisun Marsh Habitat Management, Preservation, and Restoration (SMP)
2011122074 Stanislaus County Tentative Parcel Map Application No. 2011-08 - Brah/Basrai
2010022059 Stanislaus County General Plan Amendment Application No. 2010-01 and Rezone Application No. 2010-01 - El Rematito
2011122077 Stanislaus County Use Permit Application No. 2011-15 And Parcel Map Application No. 2011-07 - Chiesa Ranch
2011122075 Stanislaus County Use Permit Application No. 2011-16 - Hendley Huller