Thursday, April 3, 2003

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SCH Number Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
2003044001 U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Draft Resource Management Plan/DEIS
2001062067 Butte County Notice of Preparation/Initial Study for a Draft EIR for the Expansion of the Butte County Neal Road Landfill; Facility No. 04-AA-0002
2003042028 Calaveras County 2002-54 Zoning Amendment and Conditional Use Permit for Brad White
2003041019 Cambria Community Services District Santa Rosa Creek Trail and Stream Bank Restoration Project
2003042029 City of Cupertino Civic Park
2003048086 Gilroy Unified School District Eliot Elementary School Redevelopment
2003042030 City of Lincoln Lincoln 270 Annexation Project
2003042027 City of Lodi The City of Lodi White Slough WPCF Improvements
2003041028 City of Los Angeles ENV-2003-147
2003041023 City of Los Angeles South Central Sports Center
2003041016 City of Los Angeles Lake View Terrace Green Recycling Facility
2003041021 City of Los Angeles ENV-2003-1124
2003022101 City of Marysville General Plan Amendment GPA03-01
1993042004 City of Modesto Conditional Use Permit for 57,000 Square-foot Commercial Development
1992052017 City of Modesto PDA (35) - Stanislaus County Office of Education
2003048084 California Department of Parks and Recreation Rattlesnake Research
2003012045 California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Williams Communications Sentry Marysville Project IS/MND
2003022135 Roseville City School District Oakmont High School Modernization and Expansion
2001062118 City of Sacramento Sump 159 Reconstruction
2003042026 City of Sacramento Airgas Annexation (P02-149, Q#106)
2003041020 City of San Clemente General Lease - Public Agency Use
1996031049 San Diego County RANCHO PACIFICA TM 4933 RPL, EAD LOG NO. 90-8-53
2003041024 San Diego County TM 5164RPL3, Log No. 99-14-011 - Leung Residential Subdivision
2003041026 City of San Joaquin Construction of a New City Recreation Park
2003041027 San Luis Obispo County Robak Minor Use Permit: D010060P
2003041025 San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Bingo and Casino Renovation and Improvement and Event Center Construction
2002022062 Trinity County Hyampom Road Improvements PM 6.8-8.3 Miles
2003041022 City of Victorville Proposed Tentative Tract TT-03-013
2003041017 City of Victorville Proposed Tentative Tract TT 03-014
2003041018 City of Victorville Proposed Tentative Tract TT03-015
2003048091 Fish & Game #2 Culverted Road Crossing
2003048089 Fish & Game #2 Dobbins/Oregon House Canal Headworks Maintenance
2003048092 Fish & Game #2 Culverted Watercourse Crossing
2003048090 Fish & Game #2 Wise Canal Intake Modification
2003048088 Fish & Game #2 Bike and Equestrian Construction
2003048093 Fish & Game #3 Sarco Creek Pierce's Disease Vegetation Removal
2003048095 Fish & Game #3 Placement of Two Storm Drain Outlets into the Existing Channel and Placement of a Two Inch Water Line Across the Creek
2003049011 Fish & Game #3 Streambed Alteration Agreement 1600-2003-0007-3/THP 1-02-297 MEN
2003048094 Fish & Game #3 Redwood Creek, Middle Branch, Pierce's Disease Vegetation Removal
2003048085 Fish & Game #5 Informational Kiosk
2003048096 Fish & Game #5 Streambed Alteration Agreement to Perform Routine Maintenance Work