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Simms Park Stormwater Capture and Teen & Senior Center Projects
The City of Bellflower is considering two separate projects proposed near each other at Simms Park. The projects entail constructing and operating a stormwater capture and filtration facility within the eastern portion of the park and a Teen & Senior Center in the northwestern portion of the park, as well as other ancillary park improvements. The stormwater capture project would construct underground infrastructure within Simms Park to divert stormwater runoff from an existing storm drain in Clark Avenue into a concrete storage reservoir proposed beneath the baseball/softball fields. Prior to flow into the reservoir, runoff would be directed through a pre-treatment system to remove trash, sediments, and solids. Stormwater would be pumped out of the reservoir and through a media filter, allowing physical filtration prior to discharging the treated water back into the existing storm drain system. Following reservoir construction, the existing grass and dirt ballfields would be replaced by artificial turf surface. The project would construct new fencing, landscaping, and other park improvements. The Teen & Senior Center project would construct a single-story, 12,355 square-foot building on City-owned property that was the site of an old teen center building demolished in 2019. The building would feature a reception area, community and youth rooms, offices, common space, kitchen, and an open patio. Configuration of the building access would require demolition of the City’s existing volunteer center building south of the Woman’s Club. The Simms Park parking lot would be reconfigured, including expansion to the east into a park area featuring ornamental landscape. The western driveway to the Simms Park parking lot along Oak Street would be removed to accommodate the new building and parking reconfiguration.
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City of Bellflower Simms Park Stormwater Capture and Teen & Senior Center Projects
City of Bellflower Simms Park Stormwater Capture and Teen & Senior Center Projects