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Routine Maintenance and Restoration Program
Under the RMRP, the Park District conducts a variety of routine maintenance activities in streams, catch basins, seeps, springs, ponds, reservoirs, beaches, tidal marshes, and shoreline levees. The purpose of these activities is to maintain existing facilities, protect water quality, reduce erosion, maintain public and emergency access, and maintain natural resources that support a variety of state and federally listed, special-status, and other native species. As part of the routine maintenance activities, the Park District also restores various aquatic and wetland ecosystems, including lentic (i.e., still fresh water, such as a pond or lake) and lotic (i.e., flowing fresh water, such as a stream) habitat; these restoration activities focus on enhancement and/or creation of aquatic ecosystems, with the primary objective to promote the conservation and recovery of sensitive species and riparian habitats, and in some cases, to provide habitat compensation for routine maintenance activities. Over a five-year period, excluding habitat restoration projects, habitat disturbance from projects conducted under the RMRP will not exceed 2.50 total acres, with approximately two-thirds of those acres expected to be temporary impacts. The size of the work crew implementing RMRP activities generally varies between three and six personnel and most projects are completed in 1 to 5 days. However, larger habitat restoration projects may require up to approximately 6 weeks to complete. Project activities include culvert repair, replacement, and maintenance, maintenance of sediment debris from culverts and streams, installation and maintenance of crossings and fords, bank stabilization, installation and maintenance of clear span bridges, maintenance and redevelopment of spring boxes, maintenance dredging of silt basins, ponds, and lakes, maintenance of existing recreational facilities, and removal of hazardous structures and vessels.
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East Bay Regional Parks District Chaparral Loop Bank Stabilization Project
East Bay Regional Parks District Routine Maintenance and Restoration Program
East Bay Regional Parks District Routine Maintenance and Restoration Program