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Patton State Hospital Waterline Replacement Project
Patton State Hospital proposes to replace an existing 14-inch diameter, 115-foot-long waterline due to leakage. The waterline replacement would take place in the northeast one-third of the hospital where a solar field, a collection of multiple solar panels that generate electricity as a system, currently exists. The existing waterline is located just north of the eastern portion of the solar field and runs diagonally across the western portion of the solar field. The new 16-inch diameter waterline would extend approximately 165 feet and be installed from two existing reduced pressure double detector check (DDCV) and CLA-VAL pressure reducing valve assemblies. The new waterline would need to cross the southern portion of an existing, non-jurisdictional north/south drainage located in between the solar field. The Project would also replace one high flow DDCV assembly with a 3-inch low flow assembly to stabilize water system pressure swings. The Project also involves improvements to the West and East Loop pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations to help stabilize the water system pressure swings. The new waterline would be buried in a new approximately 5 to 6-foot-deep trench beginning at the west side of Orange Avenue and extending west to the facility water system manifold. Fencing, concrete, and asphalt along the new water line alignment would be removed and replaced as needed. The new pipe would be covered with sand and the trenching would be backfilled with compacted soil (some of the topsoil would not be used as its typically organic material; not suitable for backfill). Ground disturbing activities would consist of less than 0.5 acre. During construction, the existing 14-inch waterline would remain in service and would be disconnected and abandoned in place once the new water line is installed. The abandoned waterline would be filled with grout. During the connection process, the water system would be shut down. It is anticipated that this shutdown would be less than four hours. Construction of the Proposed Project is estimated to begin in Spring of 2023 and last approximately 13 months. It is estimated that one crew of 4 to 8 people would be responsible for working on pipe fittings and installations while another crew of 4 to 8 would be responsible for excavating the trench for the waterline to be placed. An existing contractor lay down area and dumpster area located southwest of the solar field would be used during construction of the Proposed Project.
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California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) Patton State Hospital Waterline Replacement Project
California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) Patton State Hospital Waterline Replacement Project