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Middlefield Park Master Plan Project Final EIR
Project Description: The project would implement a large portion of the development envisioned by the East Whisman Precise Plan, which was adopted by the City in 2019. Implementation of the proposed project would allow for the demolition of the existing improvements (i.e., approximately 684,646 square feet of office uses, related surface parking areas, and landscaping) on-site and development of: •Five office building locations totaling 1,317,000 square feet of office uses and resulting in 632,355 square feet of net new office square footage;•Two affordable residential building locations and five residential mixed-use building locations with a total of up to 1,900 residential units (including up to 380 affordable units), up to 50,000 square feet of ground floor retail space;•Two stand-alone parking structures and integrated parking at all office and residential buildings for shared district parking within MPMP;•Dedication of land to the City for three new future public parks totaling approximately 7.28-acres and construction of a 2.87-acre privately owned and publicly accessible park developed by the applicant, providing in total, up to 10.15 acres of park open space within the MPMP;•New vehicular circulation, including up to six private streets and a modification to Logue Avenue (a public street), new on-street and off-street bicycle and pedestrian improvements, and new landscaping and trees; and•As an option, the project could include a private district utilities system on-site with underground utility lines to serve some buildings within the MPMP with water, wastewater treatment, recycled water, geothermal energy (heating and cooling), and electric power. The private district utilities system, if provided, would a include an approximately 45,000-square-foot Central Utility Plant (CUP), temporary air sourced heat pump, district distribution system, and microgrid system that would include rooftop photovoltaic panels and on-site storage batteries. In addition to the improvements identified above, the project includes a Vesting Tentative Map to create up to 18 lots, up to 1,900 condominium lots, and up to 140 vertical lots within the MPMP, as well as a Development Agreement to grant implementation of entitlements over a 20-year period. Other aspects of the MPMP include green building and emissions reduction features; construction activities; heritage tree removals and landscaping; site access, circulation, and parking; and a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan.
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City of Mountain View Middlefield Park Master Plan Project (DA)
City of Mountain View Middlefield Park Master Plan Project
City of Mountain View Middlefield Park Master Plan Project Final EIR
City of Mountain View Middlefield Park Master Plan
City of Mountain View Middlefield Park Master Plan Project