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Jess Ranch Compost Facility
The Proposed Project would receive and process organic materials, primarily greenwaste, food waste, and biosolids, but may also receive untreated scrap wood, natural fiber products, non-recyclable paper waste, and inert material, such as sediment, gypsum, wood ash, and clean construction debris. Non-hazardous liquid wastes may also be accepted for use in moisture conditioning of the compost piles. The Proposed Project would process organic material utilizing an aerated static pile (ASP) system with positive or negative aeration or a combination of both. The Proposed Project would be developed in two phases, with Phase 1 supporting a daily throughput of up to 500 tons per day (TPD) and Phase 2 developing the facility to full build out for a maximum of 1,000 TPD. The proposed Project will receive organic materials and produce compostbased soil amendments for agricultural, horticultural, erosion control and land reclamation uses.
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Alameda County Jess Ranch Compost Facility
Alameda County Jess Ranch Compost Facility
Alameda County Jess Ranch Compost Facility PLN2015-00087
Alameda County Partial Recirculation - Draft EIR for the Jess Ranch Compost Facility Project
Alameda County Jess Ranch Compost Facility, Conditional Use Penni!, PLN2015-00087
Alameda County Jess Ranch Compost Facility