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Encanto Residential Project
Meritage Homes is requesting approval of a model home complex consisting of two model homes, a 10-stall temporary parking lot and temporary "trap" fencing (see attachment 4). The two model homes will be constructed on Lots 3 and 4 as approved pursuant to TTM 17810/SDP 9-14-4956, except that the garages will be repurposed as a sales office (Lot 3) and a learning center (Lot 4). The Learning center will provide interactive displays to educate prospective buyers on the energy efficient design features of the homes. The complex also includes an ADA-accessible portable restroom for use by visitors, temporary landscaping along the perimeter of the parking lot, and temporary signage. The portable restroom would be screened from view from Alton Parkway by a temporary vinyl fence. The minor planned sign program (PSP) includes two components: 1) permanent neighborhood identification signs; and 2) temporary model home complex signs. The project was evaluated in and contemplated by an IS/MND prepared fot eh Ecanto project and adopted by the City of Lake Forest City Council on Dec. 15, 2015. The IS/MND was not challenged within the time period prescribed in subdivision c) of Public Resources Code section 21167 and thus the IS/MND is presumed valid in accordance with Public Resources Code section 21167.2. The proposed project is consistent with scope of the approved Tentative Tract Map 17810 and Site Development 9-14-4596. Therefore, the adopted IS/MND serves as the environmental documentation of the project and the project is in compliance with the requirements of CEQA.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Lake Forest Use Permit 07-16-4950/PSP 07-16-4951 - Encanto (Tract 17810) Model Home Complex and Planned Signed Program
City of Lake Forest Demonstration of Affordable, Comfortable, Grid Integrated Zero Net Energy Communities
City of Lake Forest Encanto Residential Project
City of Lake Forest Encanto Residential Project